ATG Chapter 993 ✿ Recruiting translators

Chapter 993 is brought to you by OvertheRanbow, alyschu and Rubble.

Enjoy the chapter!

This recruitment post came a day later because we didn’t release a chapter and we didn’t want to put anyone’s hopes up about there being a chapter release. One of our translators is back so we’ll be resuming a release rate of at least 1/day. We say at least because we still have a backlog of chapters needed to be released. Anyways, even though he’s back, we’re still open for recruitment.

If you are interested in helping out as a translator, please follow the steps below:
1) Head to the sidebar and find the hamster
2) Obey the hamster
3) Have the word translator somewhere in the subject title of the email

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12 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 993 ✿ Recruiting translators” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. By “improving again” I mean fixing their problems, so yeah.. its recruiting. Everybody (including the translators) wants this to be better, stop looking for excuses to be angry dude, lol.

  1. Finally they are heading to the demands of the public! Hey booty lickers this is all thanks to the truth sayers wherever they are! And good luck also in finding reliable translators. If you really put up 1/a day like you said you would, I will whole heartedly support the team. Good luck.

    1. Dude in an earlier post she said that she didn’t even read the comments here nor in patreon because she didn’t have time so these so called “Sayers” were just rambling to no one, most probably she was planning to recruit translator for some time and just said it now.

      1. I doubt recruiting had anything to do with being yelled at. We know how far behind we are. I think Alys was waiting and hoping some of the regular crew would return after the holidays. They didn’t. She put up the recruitment post. End of story. Well, 1 regular has started pounding out chaps, so we shouldn’t get any farther behind…I hope. Now we just need to catch up again. Sigh.

        Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the current story! I am!

    2. Joseph, even when we get back to full speed it’s unlikely to be 1 per day. 7 per week? Sure. ATG has never had a regular release schedule afaik. We’ve said many times to count your chapters by the week, not by the day. A day or two may get missed and then suddenly 3-4 chapters rain from the sky.

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