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  1. I was about to wish the atg team a happy new year, but got an arrow in the knee…
    Jokes aside, i wish you guys a happy new year!(in advance, looking at the fact that it still is 20:17 in the netherlands haha)

  2. I’m normally one to give people the benefit of the doubt, but what the heck is going on with the release rate lately? If it was just finals and then back to normal after that I could understand, but this seems to be the new norm now – a translation rate at a fraction of the speed of some series, even using a group of translators instead of just one.

    I don’t know what to think any more about it, what happened?

    1. What upsets me is the lack of communication, didn’t realize for days why? If you want to spend the holiday with the family can can’t be realsing just day so…the no communication just tells me they don’t care.

      1. Your right that the lack of transparency is a little unsettling. Honestly, I was expecting some form of update on everything with this chapter. They know what we are due and in fairness they have mostly always delivered in the past. It’s holiday season so I think we just have to bite our tounge and wait for the promised mass release when things are back to normal. It’s just frustrating because the story is so juicy right now. 🍉🍑🍊🍋🍎🍏🍓🍈🥝🍍

        1. Yeah, I’m so annoyed I cant spell right lol. Well I get its the holiday and didn’t expect mass realses of chapters but at least let us know before hand or after why things didn’t go as planned. But oh well, hope everyone enjoying the holiday.

          1. Honestly Posting here won’t help much. A forum post with a formal complaint might do something seeing as they are payed by wuxiaworld (If I read the qidian post about stealing translators by paying double or triple what their salary was here). I could care less about the release date IF WE GOT SOME FORSAKEN COMMUNICATION. Its unsettling and almost makes me want to drop the series due to the fact that this could hint at the series being dropped/transferred to another site.

          2. @derz It was a post awhile back when the couple of translators left us for Qidian INternational. I don’t remember the specifics and I could be wrong( I cannot seem to find an announcement post history). But I recall a statement of some importance regarding how “Qidian was paying more than wuxiaworld.” Now this could be mistaken by me to mean a “salary/Wage” From Wuxiaworld other than patreon. When RWX could of just meant the patreon specific wages of said translators.

          3. Nahh, it wasn’t exactly said that they get paid by WW.

            It was said that ‘they will be getting double what they get here’ That means – donations, patreon and stuff similar to that. And you can see that some translators get from 10k a month so… idk

            I know for sure that WW is just a host for novels and there might even be fee for translators. Legal stuff cost these days

          4. Aight I did indeed misinterpret that. Ah well everyone makes mistakes. But I still feel as though posting this here does not seem to be making much of a difference.

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