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  1. Still waiting on that mass release.
    I’m starting to think you said miss releases this year and if so you’re keeping your promise….
    That moment when even re monster is translated faster than this…

        1. They are getting about 10,000$ per month. Not everyone pays but that doesn’t really matter because those who pay are getting the same inconsistency as everyone else. We are 37 chapters behind schedule. (raws are on chapter 1032 so that’s no excuse)

          1. Then those who are paying have every right to complain. But we who sit around picking our noses while being given these chapters, don’t. It annoys me that some people think that they are entitled to the chapters, despite the stress that comes with translating (which is hard, particularly when translating a language like Chinese to English, while trying to maintain quality and consistency) as well as life outside of the novel.

        2. it doesn’t matter, they are translating 3 novels. if you can’t keep up the hard work then leave it to someone who can.
          it all started in wuxiaworld and patrean was only set to support them, believe it or not i was the one spamming there msg to add a patrean thinking that they might start releasing once a day, but it has been half a year and all we heard were excuses. donate and check the patrean page for more information.

          p.s: with people like you the the translation will never finish.

  2. Thanks for the chapters~
    While I am looking forward to the release of all the backlogged chapters, I do understand that there is a life outside of wuxiaworld. The last thing any of us readers here would want is for you to get chapter release burn out or start feeling that we, the readers, under appreciate all the hard work, time and effort that you and everyone else puts in to provide us with these translations free of charge.

  3. Thanx goodness i dropped this shit, shitty author with a lousy team translating. In previous times i was naive to buy the translation team’s talk about a mass release. Hahaha, now my dao ❤️ is strong! I shan’t pay no more for you shit novel and team! Skyfire avenue looks good am gonna spend my extra dollars there 😎

    1. I like the novel, and I still do, I think the author has picked up the pace in the last 70 chapters, now with that said I also changed from a donator to this translation team to give everything to Patriarch Deathblade.

      I don’t have a right anymore to be mad probably, but I’m still extremely disappointed with the inconsistency with this novel, always excuses and 0 professionalism.

      Translating online novels is a serious profession nowadays, its nothing like it used to be and it feels like some people are failing hard to realize this unique opportunity having the fans, the right place (Wuxiaworld) and solid stories that attract the fans.

      Yet again, I don’t know really if am in a position to say anything. Just disappointed.

  4. Happy new year to Alyschu!!
    Please take care of yourself upon finishing this old year and have an awesome new year!!!!
    Thank you for being our translator! (Because I felt that even though the other comments were complaints it still would be not fitting to decide that since I’m one of the only ones not complaining I can say my translator)

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