ATG Chapter 979-980 ✿

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P.S. SummerRain here, alyschu’s internet died and hence the announcement post has appeared late. She tried to post but the internet died before she managed to do it. She’ll be heading over to a friend’s home later to release all the men and sr chapters missed due to internet problems.

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  1. Thx very much for the chapters:d.Strange how ppl thank u only when they see u make effort in posting a double chapter or smth like quick chapters :d.Thx u very much for the work ATG is one of my favorites.

    1. Agreed I think it is due to the fact that a lot including the announcement posts seem to have changed since chinachu. But the team is getting better and improving like this post here… Let’s us the readers know that they have not forgotten us and will be back and that we will still have chapters get released.

      Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Man I was shocked when i noticed the “died” word in that paragraph…But after reading the whole sentence it turned out it was only the Internet…..Please take good care people…

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