ATG Chapter 975 ✿

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late edit: 976 was suppose to come out today as well but it appears that alyschu fell asleep somewhere along the line. It will most likely be released with tomorrow’s chapter!

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  1. I understand my opinion doesn’t matter but I feel like the inconsistency on this great novels releases really ruined it for me. I know things come up, but I still don’t understand how you guys can constantly come up with new excuses. What about the chapters that were missed the 30-40 days alyschu was in China “without internet”. I know the author is also slowing down on releases but I feel like you guys can easily catch up and release chapters along with the authors releases. Examples of this are books like “True Martial World” from Qidan. Anyways, I really wish you guys get it together and I can enjoy this novel in a year or maybe even less. I still have a lot of respect for the translators and only hope for the best.

  2. They always make excuses like this, instead of just admitting that they’re too tired/busy to translate. I remember one time they stopped posting for like a week because alyschu had “no internet”, like seriously does she live in Africa, there’s free wifi everywhere.

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