ATG Chapter 951 ✿

Chapter 951 is brought to you by crushanapple, Rubble and alyschu.

Ello, Scrya here. If you didn’t know, I have been uploading chapters on WW instead of alyschu for a while now. Anyway, here’s her response regarding the current pace for ATG:

I originally thought I somewhat cleared up the reason for the recent delays but I received an email from a concerned patron just now so I’m going to make a more in-depth announcement.

Midterms and work have not ended yet, so I’m pretty much the only one holding ship along with one other (also pretty busy) member. I will be free once November rolls around (this Halloween business is killing me), so the chapters will probably come rolling in from me then, whether or not the rest of the team are alive.

Another thing to note: Once I catch up to all the missed chapters along with the normal released chapters, we will probably be caught up with the author!


ps. Unsure if I mentioned this, but Mars bought a place solely for writing novels so he’ll hopefully release at a faster pace.
pps. New chapter is up.
ppps. If you guys are wondering why Spirit Realm is having 2 chapters a day, they were translated way beforehand. Against the Gods does not have a stockpile due to us almost having caught up to the author.
pppps. Again, sorry about this. I am just as frustrated as you guys about this, if not more. I think the only thing keeping me sane till now is the mobile game I play during transit…

Now, a piece from me. As you have seen from the release posts, alys and crushanapple are currently the only active translators we have, while the rest are being bogged down by exams and work. Truthfully, alys and apple are working as well, but alys is determined to release the chapters, and have been translating even up till 4am in the morning to fill up the missing chapters, when she has to get up at 6-7am for work.

I’m being tied down by schoolwork right now, and the least I can do is putting up the chapters in her stead, so she can have even 10 more minutes of her rest time.

The reason why I’m telling all of you this is not to gain sympathy, but to seek understanding from all of you. Please understand that the chapter delays are not intended, and not something we want to happen. We understand your frustrations, we really do. ‘Cause we ourselves are frustrated as well.

So all I’m asking right now from you guys is to hold out during this tough period with us, alright?

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  1. Finally! A response! But if one would think actually, it would indeed actually catch up to the author because of the scarce raws. So, in the end it does not really matter that much. Thanks for responding and good luck on the exams!

  2. Since Aly thought she already cleared this up I guess we may have missed an announcement somewhere, so for that you have my apologies 😀 I think most of us were just curious about the pacing and are quite happy to patiently wait now that we know (at least that’s the case for me)!

    Thank you for all your hard work, and please look after yourselves!

  3. This delay was announced a week ago atleast.
    Thank you for not putting below each chapter like you did durring your china trip.

    Thanks for all your hard work (All of ATG team)

    Please do mind your health.

    Best from DK

  4. i just want say something, Alyschu or Scrya might not read this comment, but if you do.
    Most of readers don’t mind about late release.
    You guys are translators, human being, not a robot.
    you have live and RL problems that you have to deal with.

    just don’t worry about people are bragging for faster release,
    if they want to read faster, go to google translate or lnmtl where the real robot translate it for them.

  5. oi
    go to sleep
    1 chapter every 2 days (or 2 every 3, however your schedule works) is fine by me. You need to get your sleep.
    I and most people I know don’t work very well with little sleep. In fact maybe if you just went to sleep properly you could focus better, work better, work faster (like irl work), and you might even be able to translate faster (although that’s still less important than other irl stuff and your health)
    Sleep properly yes? For yourself as well as all of us. *pats alyschu and tucks into bed*

  6. i actually love how you guys translating now.. there is no need to rush it.. it will be bad when we catch up to the author. I’m myself an example that i don’t sleep that much .. with school n two jobs n make time to read on WW.
    alyschu,,, don’t know you guys but i find this name cute..

  7. Well! To tell you the truth lot of us don’t really care about atg right now cause the translation has caught upto the author and also we just finished an arc so the story needs time to build up. So,its probably better to binge read. I didn’t even notice atg for 1 week now. So, its a good time to slack of. We don’t mind.

  8. Ok just want to ask a quick question. Is anyone going to let us know about (MEN) I haven’t seen a post anywhere for that novel and we were supposed to get the same release as Spirit Realm and ATG. But since her China trip we have hardly got any chapter’s or even updates on that novel.

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