ATG Chapter 91, a basketful of crazy?

Hi guys, this chapter was translated by a new applicant who’s has now joined our team of coughcoughslackerscoughcough for ATG! Please give a warm welcome to krys!

This chapter shall be counted as a committed chapter for next week~ Let’s all pray that krys doesn’t catch the lazybug or god forbid, the lifebug!

ps. alyschu has also touched the chapter

7 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 91, a basketful of crazy?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. yay im glad they are able to recruit more translators hope it doesnt end with krys though
    i hope they can recruit more translators because this is just too good 😀

  2. Most absolute favourite MC in all the Xianxia novels i’ve read.
    And oh how i wish this was 2 chapters a day but i understand why you’re only doing 1 chapter a day since there’s only 390ish chapters

    1. An understatement. Lol. Try comparing Chu Feng to Yu Che… lol… Both are ruthless… but this time, Yun Che seems to be machinating something incomparably barbaric and callous.


      Imagine an encounter between Yun Che and Chu Feng.

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