ATG Chapter 88, shocking shabbiness!

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Title of next chapter and Yun Che’s title

If you guys voted the “all terrible”, please suggest synonyms for weird/odd/eccentric that may fit his title. It is used a lot when referring to Yun Che so choose wisely!

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  1. So, in the last chapter he was a bit of an a**hole that infuriated even his fellow doctors with his arrogant attitude and totally unconventional ideas, while in the end he earned their begrudging respect due to his abilities. I think the only title befitting him is Yun Che M.D.

    Now excuse me as I go binge-watch a season of House out of nostalgia.

    1. this actually.
      “god hand” sounds a whole lot better than divine or saint hand. particularly if giving it as a title. would be ok to say someone has divine hands, but calling them “divine hand” is just awkward.

      as for jashin, however that is pronounced in chinese, it would be wicked heartif used as a noun. but when used as an adjective, “blackhearted” is already an english expression for the same thing. i’ll also warn againstusing “queer hearted” as queer doesn’t have all the same connotations of wickedness.

      but as i voted, the choice is all up to you.

    1. No release schedule, but I have a Manual Progress Report spreadsheet on the top right side of the sidebar up there. I also say when it’s about to come out in the chatroom on my wordpress 😛

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