ATG Chapter 87, to the castle!

This second committed chapter of the week is brought to you by Frantasy, OverTheRanbow, and a bit of alyschu.

I don’t think they’ll be coming out this late anymore come July.. it’s almost 4 am for me 🙁


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  1. Mmmm… Basically what happened is that I started loving Chinese novels more then I expected and soooo….
    I want to learn Mandarin 😀 Yup I want to Learn Mandarin, But I don’t know where to start from and is there any guides or something like that. Then I realized that I can ask millions of people that are reading Translated Chinese novels and ask the translators them selves…. So here it is.

    I want to ask if you have any guides in learning Mandarin?
    Where to start from when learning Mandarin?
    I want to know if it is possible to learn Mandarin completely for free.
    Where or what website I could learn Mandarin for free and if you have any recommendations.

    P.s Love you xDDDD

    1. I didn’t really want to reply because how I actually started “learning” Chinese was by watching Chinese fantasy drama in Chinese subtitles. But I felt like I should answer even if it doesn’t seem like my reply would help.

      I did take classes as well but I can safely say that most of my knowledge, when it comes to Chinese, is from watching Chinese/Taiwanese drama… in Chinese subtitles >.<;;

      You should ask someone else about this :X!!

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