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  1. They did 4 chapters in 3 days. I get it that china has terrible internet but what does that have to do with translating!! Are you telling me you don’t have the works in your laptop or something. You could just upload all the works at once. Well, it’s alyschu and co! Nothing unusual got used to it. Well, vacation is important but keeping you words is the same. Well, we still have time no rush.

    Anyway how long does yun che gonna sleep for!! Just go and do snow

  2. If im not mistaken… u guys should do 6 chapters a week right? So every week u guys only do max 3 extra chapters? When will the translation catch up with the owed chapters? Im not a patreon … but i bet they will feel betrayed by u guys. By giving an excuse because china had a bad internet. It is a really weak excuse. I hope u guys explain how much u chapters that u guys owed. And how much is regular chapter for a week. Are u guys trying to delay the chapter because the translation almost catch up with the raws?

    1. When alyschu returned from so called china trip, they owned us 32 chapters.(me and some others kept log almost accurately). They do 7 chapters a week. The first post was 20th July. So, they did 20 chapters in 10 days. And they are 32-20+10=22 chapters behind. By the way, they are one of the oldest groups in Wuxiaworld and they know business REALLY well! So, get used to it. And the translation has caught upto the author. So, you should consider dropping this until old age and then read again with your grandkids.

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