ATG Chapter 816 ✿

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  1. There are 2 typos in this chapter :
    1. Last night, when he was healing his own injuries, he suddenly discovered, to his astonishment, that there was a round orb that was wrapped up by ******purple****** light nestled in his profound veins. Yun Che was exceptionally familiar with that ******red****** light as it was Jasmine’s power. Jasmine’s power was incomparably tyrannical, it had completely sealed away the object that it surrounded and not a thread of energy leaked out.

    The light is actually red but you have written purple at first.

    2. “Seventh Sister, I’m handing Xiao Yun back to you right now. For the next few days, his mind will be very exhausted and he will need to sleep for fourteen to sixteen hours every day. Other than that, he hasn’t even lost a single hair on his *****hand***** and after eight to ten days, he will be good as new. So you can stop worrying now,” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression on his face.

    Instead of hand, it should be head.

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