ATG Chapter 80, and Happy Father’s Day!

I’m not sure about all your timezones but today is Father’s Day for me, so Happy Father’s Day everyone! Remember to give a little something to your dads whether it’s your vocal appreciation or a pretty picture or two.

Also, results are now in. The winner of our poll from last time is me, alyschief! My choice was Honorable Palace Chief / Your Honor when referring to our awesome Palace Chief-sama Qin Wuyou, and it just happens to be the popular vote too!

This is the second committed chapter of the week from unbeliever, alyschu, and OverTheRanbow!

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  1. Thanks! I was under the impression that Qin Wuyou’s new name would be alyschief… I’m slightly disappointed.

    But I will choke back my tears and read this chapter that you have kindly translated for me.

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