ATG Chapter 780 ✿

Chapter 780 is the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by Dnton, Rubble, and alyschu. Enjoy~

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  1. I came back from gravity and check things out here because all my fav series in there is gone and i decided to check this series out and i see that Alyschu is purposely slowing down the translation of this series because of donations. Thats pathetic. Btw im saying this not because i want Alyschu to speed things up or something after all its not as if im donating. Im just MERELY STATING FACTS. bow im done 🙂

    1. I just came back home a while ago from a tiring day and I decided to check out comments for this series and I see someone who doesn’t bother to read my posts about the team being busy or know that there has been two sponsored chapters in queue since last week tell me that I’m pathetic because I’m purposely slowing down the translation of this series due to donations. Please recheck your definition of the word fact. 🙂

      1. Hi, I do not think you are pathetic. =)

        Troll just trolling. Troll does not understand translator have full-time jobs or school/part-time jobs and a life. Troll does not understand translators do it for free on our free time. If there are donations; great, we will try our best to fulfill the requests in a timely manner. If there are no donations; that is great too, we will still honor the regular schedule to the best of our abilities. Keep in mind, we translate not with the pursuit of trying to make money, but to share and this will not change. Troll does not understand that translating is not hard, but translating it to flow and make sense in English is extremely hard and time consuming. Troll does not know the definition for fact; now that is a fact. =P

        1. how can you say they’re doing this for free on their free time??? are you an idiot?? why would they put GOALS in their DONATION??? and you say we translate not with the pursuit of trying to make money but that clearly contradicts if you put GOALS in ur DONATION.
          plus if it would affect ur SOCIAL LIFE would you really waste ur time TRANSLATING FOR FREE??? i myself am a former PROOFREADER and i know how the ins and outs work in the translation business. c’mon kid u say im a troll but you crearly didn’t read any of my post below.. meaning ur the troll here..ur just saying something you didn’t know about..

          1. You are confusing fact versus opinion.

            A fact is indisputable; an opinion is a belief and not conclusive.
            Yes, it is a fact that they are catching up to the RAWs, but it is your opinion that translations have slow down due to this reason. Unless you are Alyschu&co, you have no idea of the actual situation and the reason for the speed of their translations. Then again, if you read Alys’ previous posts, she has already acknowledged there are chapters in queue and that the translation team has been busy.

            Free time is time spent away from business, work, job hunting, domestic chores, and education; it is time available for leisure, hobbies, etc.
            The two regular chapters per week schedule is the team translating for free on their free time; this will be done regardless of donations. As far as donations goes, that is for extra chapters; this becomes a business transaction and not considered free time. Translation team is not translating with the pursuit of trying to make money; however, it is only fair their time, not free time, is compensated.

            The donation goals are not for the translation team to meet, but for the donators to meet if they desire the outcome listed. As far as outcome listed (if goal(s) is/are met by donators), that is for the translation team to supply.

            And I do agree with you on the part that nobody would translate for free if it was negatively affecting your life. However, that is why teams keep a “regular chapters” release schedule.

            And I have read all your posts. You stated you read the RAWs, not a donator, and your theory on why translation speeds has slowed down. If the translation progress does not concern you, why post such a negative, off-topic comment?

            Troll (internet): Someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

            You, sir, are a troll.

            P.S. You stated you are a former proofreader. Please proofread your own comments for proper grammar and punctuation usage.

    2. I came back from my favourite site to check out the site I think had stolen all of my favourite site’s novels. I’m obviously salty and a troll, so I need to find a scapegoat. Found one! I don’t really follow the series or do I know about announcement posts, yet I feel like I can talk crap and act like I know everything. Not only do I sound incredibly stupid, I also have no idea what I’m talking about! My logic and claims make absolutely no sense, as Alyschu never failed to deliver promised number of regular chapters. Sponsored chapters are still sitting in a queue too. Because, you know, not clearing the queue actually benefits her! No, seriously guys, I’m pathetic. Btw. I’m saying this not because I want Alyschu to speed up, I am just a sad troll, and judging from the amount of bullshit that comes out of me, the only logical conclusion is that I’m an asshole.

      Then again, I’m MERELY STATING FACTS. Uff, I’m done.

      FTFY. Be careful with that autocorrection, you might get misunderstood.

  2. yeah i don’t really follow the series here because i read raws and latest chapter is 821.
    2nd u assume that my logic and claims make absolutely no sense.. lol im reading this series in raw since chapter 400+ and for me to claim that alyschu is slowing the translation down is because the author isn’t updating the chapter everyday and he’s not releasing 2 chapters everyday unlike when its around chapter 400+ when the author is realeasing 2 chapters everyday.. meaning Alyschu is slowing it down so as to not caught up to the latest raws because the author isn’t releasing chapter everyday. If there’s no chapter then you can’t translate anything.. no chapter no translate no donate no income.. If my logic doesn’t make any sense then i don’t know what logic is lol.. as for the others saying im a troll or salty.. well why would i be?? its not as if im mad or anything that my fav series is here because the translators is still the same and i can still read the chapters all i want.. plus look at Duniak bro?? u think im one of those crazyfanboy?? that i would get mad because lots of series in gravity left to wuxiaworld?? c’mon bro.. im not a kid like u.. there’s no difference if its translated in gravity or wuxiaworld.. i think ur one of those bootlickers..

    1. I am going to break my own rule and feed a troll….once.
      Your conclusions are specious.
      Yes, the TL is closing in on the raws.
      Yes, the TL has slowed down.
      No, you can NOT draw the conclusion that the TL has slowed down to make money. That’s just an inflammatory argument that achieves nothing except to rile some folks up.

      1. Tbh I also had the thought that the TL slowed down the speed due to raws a long time ago. ATG is their most popular novel and there’s no doubt they will lose patreons once they catch up to raws. I remember a while back they said they would be caught up by the end of 2016, but its 5 months and still 50 chapters behind. Also the milestone for 7 chapters/weeks has been achieved for over a week now but still no news on that.

        1. The release schedule for Against the Gods is determined by paypal donations and patreon milestones that have been reached. Unlike the Spirit Realm patreon, which has enabled the charge-up-front feature, the AtG patreon only bills patrons on the first of the month. The amount of donations that go through at that time determine the release schedule for the month. For the month of April, the AtG patreon hit the milestone of $500 and guaranteed four chapters a week for the month. The milestone you’re talking about, which guarantees seven chapters a week, has indeed been reached, yet the patrons have not been charged. Once they are charged on the first of May, the release schedule will increase to seven chapters a week.

          While the team did say that they would catch up to the raws by the end of 2016, this was said regarding the author’s release rate at the time. The author has recently been pumping out chapters almost daily, a far cry from last year. Since the patreon has locked the team into their current schedule of four chapters a week, the gap between Wuxiaworld’s releases and the raws will undoubtedly widen if the author continues to publish chapters at this faster rate. As a result, releases of AtG on Wuxiaworld will seem to slow down, but that is no fault of the translation team.

          Against the Gods certainly is a popular web novel, but in no way is the translation team exploiting that by purposefully slowing down the speed of releases. They are simply sticking to the schedule that they have set. For those of you who do not read the announcement/news posts on either Wuxiaworld or patreon, I assure you that the translation team has not failed to release any of the guaranteed chapters. If my assurance is not enough, you’re welcome to go through the posts and check for your self.

          If you managed to make your way through the above text without completely dismissing it, please refer to the posts I have linked below to further dispel any misconceptions you may have.

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