ATG Chapter 78, better late than never!

Hi guys, this is the last committed chapter of the week by my team. This was translated by some of Frantasy, a lot of OverTheRanbow, and a piece of alyschu!

This chapter should’ve been out way earlier, but I was a bit caught up on fixing a manga we’re working on! Now for some shameless advertising of the manga we’re working on at the moment, here’s the link to it with an image of its prettiness!

19 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 78, better late than never!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. i see, thanks. love this series too much xD
        its a little too much for me going by each day thinking “will there be a chapter today?” lol.

  1. The story reminds me of one I read a few chapters of a while back… Is it the same? The one I read was chapters 12-15 or so of a series called ‘Slime Tensei’, but the slime didn’t seem all that powerful by that point. It helped out two little girls, made its body into a seat and seatbelts, and then bounced them home, only to be attacked by the villagers. It stopped getting updates for over half a year so I stopped reading it.

    Edit: I went and found the one I read a while back. It only has short rundowns of the 1-12 chapters.
    Reading the 1-12 makes me think it isn’t. Unless the web novel, light novel, and manga chapters are insanely different.

    1. as awesome as it is to collect all the amazing stories on one place, i actually hope not. This is not wuxia, or xanxia (or any of the other headings introduced by flowerbridge) and as such does not belong here.

      It should be kept on Alyschus site or batoto or any of the other places for it. (although i know wuxiatranslation recently started hosting it)

    2. Wuxia Translations in cooperation with Henouji Translations are already at chapter 14 of the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken novel.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t translate it as well, that’s of course entirely up to you. But maybe you can team-up or something, else it might be wasted effort.

  2. hehehe~ everyone should go read slimey, it’s awesome! I’d recommend reading both the novel and the manga, so you don’t miss out on anything.

    Thanks for the chapter you guys!

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