ATG Chapter 768 ✿ April things

Hey guys, it’s April, the start of a new month! Patreon pledges are currently still processing at the moment and we are at $940.16 of charged pledges. I know it says $1,042 on the Patreon and it was above $1,000 before April, but there have been people editing their pledges down, declining, or outright deleting them during the charging process. Some declines are automatic if a problem happened during the charging process so patrons, please check to see if your pledge went through! This resulted in the total being less than what was displayed originally but it might just barely inch into the next milestone (5 chapters per week!) if the declines that were errors are fixed.

Anyways, since we have hit our first milestone, ATG will be releasing four regular chapters a week for the month of April!

Chapter 768 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by Dabuyu, Rubble, and alyschu. Enjoy~

ps. Against the Gods has a Patreon! Go check it out, early access is included! o/
pps. By the way, the reason why it’s at $1,042 is because a bunch of new people pledged during the charging process. I don’t believe you guys will be charged until the beginning of next month!

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        1. Kihrajhin
          The last time I saw a number on MGA (before he removed the ability to see the numbers) he was pulling in over $6000 per month on Patreon.

          What Alys is talking about above is Patreon. It’s a different system than ‘donations’. Unfortunately as she has indicated above, ‘patrons’ don’t get charged until the start of the month. Therefor the number of chapters provided per week are based on what actually arrives, not what it looks like.

          1. MGA was at more than 10k last time i checked before the amount was removed. DE was the most at over 15k currently at 81% of unknown amount we can assume it to be 20 or 25k(total so probably at 18k rn). Patreon does take 5% and their might also be other currency transfer fees. Considering that ATG is a team and not single person it really is nothing compared to other novels. Also there is a difference between a hobby and a full time job.

        2. You might want to wash your eyes again, dude…

          However, even so, i’m done with the inconsistency and boorish decisions of the author of MGA… it’s a mistake supporting that title. YWL should find another story worth his time.

  1. I guess 4 chapters a week its OK already, we are not that far behind the Raws, atleast if the author takes a break we still have some ATG to read.

  2. 1000$ for 4 extra chapters per month, which means 1 extra per week, so 250$ per chapter. And let’s not forget that there are only 3 regular “free” chapters per week.
    Also it cleary states in the rewards that there should be chapters of MEN posted every week, then it would be something like 125$ per chapter, much better…
    I try not to judge and to aprreciate translators as they do it for free most times, but that’s a bit too much.
    Anyway cheers, after all you have posted so many chapters, i just hope you don’t piss of many donators, just to make some fast money 🙂

    1. If you look on the Patreon, you may notice that 4/week is the $500 goal. $1000 goal reward is 5/week and that goal was not quite reached for the start of April . So your $$ math is starting from a doubled number friend. Another thing you may notice on Patreon is this: “Any excess pledges that have not cleared a milestone will be moved into the sponsored queue.” So those moneys above $500 and under $1000 will still have value in the form of chapters.

      Yes, the rewards list MEN chapters but those haven’t started yet. If you look in the middle it has this:

      “Monarch of Eternal Night (MEN)
      Coming soon!”

      MEN will be along in a while(no date set yet). They’re working hard on it.
      I hope this helps clarify stuff for you and hope you are enjoying ATG.

  3. This is just simply a steal and money grabber. You guys are only releasing 4chapters per weekfor 1000$? Just check Ancient Strengthening Technique, they release almost 20-30 chapters per week. I get it that ATG is almost catching up with the Raws, but seriously, lower the bar a bit. I am just an average guy who is barely able to live off daily life expenses, you guys are making ten times more than the original authors now.

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