ATG Chapter 762 ✿

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Some members of my team stated that Fen Juechen would make a better MC (main character) than Yun Che and I said that if the story followed him, most of it would be: REVENGE, OW, REVENGEEE, OW, PAIN, PAIN, OW, REVENGE!! Would you guys read a story like that? I’ve seen some comments about how Ling Jie would make a good MC too! To me, his would be: TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, SWORDS ARE THE BEST, LOVE MY FAMILY, BOSS!!, TRAIN, SWORDS ARE THE BEST, TRAIN, TRAIN. By the way, to those of you that are confused, the teaser for this chapter was my reaction to the end of this chapter.

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  1. Since Yun Che is the MC, how would you describe the story? GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, TRAIN, TRAIN, TOURNAMENT, GIRLS, GIRLS, HULK MAD, HULK SMASH, GIRLS, GIRLS?

  2. Fen Juechen would be a better MC, 1. We wouldn’t have novel long descriptions of a girls beauty., 2. Revenge is not bad cause Yun Che himself is all about revenge unless i been reading the wrong novel., 3. I’m tired of the amount of Power ups he gets, he doesn’t really strive for anything its like its all there waiting for him, the Novel should be changed from ” Against the Gods” to “Gods Most Favored Child” because of Yun Che.
    4. Yun Che is Girls, girls, girls, train, train, get legacy, revenge, revenge, , girls, girls, train, train, legacy, revenge, revenge. The only difference would be Fen Juechen would be powered up once, the would only be one girl, little aunt. This would cut out the novel descriptions of girls beauties by at least half and he would also try to one day fight the sacred grounds which Yun che himself is gonna eventually have to do. simply similar

    1. You have been reading the wrong novel. Yun Che is not all about revenge. That’s because he was focused on revenge that he lost his loved one in his previous life. In this life, he is only making sure nobody dares to attack his persons, which makes it a mess when the mother of his sworn brother tries to kill his lover …

    2. and why do you think Fen Juechen’s story would be any different? His whole story at this point is pretty much revenge and he would face bullies too just like Yun Che, since he has mysterious origins too expect something of a similar story line. The only reason people would prefer “him” as a MC this late into the story because they are into NTR shit.

  3. Lmao. This is a great chapter announcement. And the replies are great too.

    But yea, all of these web novels with hundreds or thousands of chapters to them are very repetitive in their plots. How else would they keep going for so long? Haha.

  4. Don’t listen to them retards, miss-translator san. Those are the guys who are into NTR, you can just simply ignore them. I mean, it is really pointless to complain this late into the story! Yun Che for life <3

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