ATG Chapter 752 ✿ and a ton of other things

As usual, it’s that time of the year for the alyschu wall of text special again. Will try to format it so it won’t be a haphazard wall of text, bear with me here.

1) First things first, status of the team: Most of us working on ATG are still drowning in exams, can’t do anything about that aside from wishing it’s over fast.
2) Next up is the Patreon talk we had last month. I have finally made a Patreon for ATG that also includes the new series the ATG team will move to. However, the MEN team will not only consist of the busy exam takers on ATG, there will be some new faces coming in specifically for MEN. I will gather everyone into my cauldron, add a few sparkly things, and make some magic. MEN was decided upon by the ATG team as the next project late last year, so no, we don’t need any suggestions for a title to pick up. And yes, we’re calling it MEN! Now, here are the specific things I have planned for the near future:
ATG/MEN’s Patreon is here!
– We will have a regular release schedule of 3 chapters of ATG per week from now on, starting this week.
– Since we have almost finished translating all published chapters of ATG, when there are not enough raw chapters available to release ATG on schedule, MEN chapters will replace ATG’s weekly bonus chapters and will be released instead.
– There is early access for ATG on Patreon and I will be trying my best to slowly roll it out. Our ATG translators are most, if not all, on the verge of death and look at me like I’m crazy for not waiting until May or whenever their exams to do this, but I am confident I can pull most of the weight until they’re back. I despise slow info dumps as well!

As always, leave any thoughts, concerns, and suggestions down below. o7 chu out.

Chapter 752 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by gorold, Rubble, Everin, and alyschu. Enjoy the chapter.

ps. I have changed Divine Era -> Era of Gods in all past chapters.

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    1. Qian Ye rises amidst hardship and falls from a betrayal.
      From there on, with a single gun, he roams in between the eternal night and twilight.
      If his fate lies in the eternal night, then he wants to be king that dominates over everything.

      It’s from novelupdates

  1. Thanks for the Chapter, ATG, is one of my favorite novels. Also I am really sad, your team have Five Way Heaven that is a fantastic novel, way better than Spirit Realm, and seems that it will be abandon.

    1. Hello, Five Way Heaven has not been abandoned. The translation has halted because of various external issues not related to our translation team.

  2. I only bow to thee, oh Sacred Ancient Alyschu!

    Thy humble servant is patient and understanding, and does not demand much from your team as we are all also MEN of the same blood. Hehehe… I shall write me own story while I wait. Hehe…

  3. Just wondering, since you mentioned 3atg per week, would I get extra chapters on patreon or only available for MEN. Because I’m gonna say what I give on patreon would only be for atg as I’m not interested in MEN. I don’t want my donation for atg ended up with extra chaps from MEN

    1. As I understand it, if you are a ‘patron’ then it will go into the ‘goals’ pile which will affect normal-weekly-releases for BOTH of them;they will be released at an identical rate. ATG just moved up to 3, free of charge. For now it’s only ATG as MEN wont be coming for a while. If you want to specifically donate solely to ATG in splats instead of being a patron, the previous pay-pal option is still open and will go to ATG.

      You asked about extras on patreon: I think you’re talking about the ‘tiers’. Those are early release for any ‘patrons’ at those levels.

      I’m pretty sure I got that right. If not Alys can flog me later and I will bow in humble apology here.

  4. Patreon rates are also kind of $$$ compared to before aren’t they? Individual sponsored chapters are $75 but the current patreon rates are $115 for each increased regular chapter.
    $500 each additional chapter x 12 months / 52.13 weeks = ~ $115.

    Current exchange rate. $75*52 weeks /12 = ~$325/month increment goals for each chapter increase per week.

    I’m new to this scene so clarification anyone? Or am I just wrong?

    1. Your concerns are justified, but you’re missing a few parts of the equation here. As alyschu mentioned in the post above, the weekly releases for Against the Gods have been increased from two chapters a week to three chapters a week. Patreon will give people the opportunity to show their support for the team and increase the number of weekly chapters for every milestone met. Those who support us on patreon will also have early access to chapters that have yet to be released here on Wuxiaworld. Therefore, patreon is for those who would like to help increase the amount of chapters released per week and also enjoy the perk of early access.

      As a side bonus, the patreon for Against the Gods will be shared with an upcoming series titled “Monarch of Eternal Night.” This means that, for every milestone that guarantees another regular chapter of Against the Gods, we will also release a chapter of Monarch of Eternal Night for a total of two more regular chapters a week per milestone goal. This patreon was made with both series in mind, so the Against the Gods team can start releasing chapters of Monarch of Eternal Night at a higher rate upon debut. Since that won’t be happening quite yet, pledges to the Against the Gods patreon will be only be for Against the Gods. We will make the appropriate announcements once the situation changes so that backers can plan accordingly.

      For readers who are worried about getting the most “bang out of their buck,” there’s always paypal. The same applies to readers who would prefer to only support releases of Against the Gods. Those links have not gone anywhere.

      1. Woah, I totally some how overlooked the “both ATG and MEN” part. Now I want to delete my previous post haha. My mistake sorry, what you said totally makes sense now. Pretty much divide my number by 2 which makes it even more worthwhile ($115/2 = $67.5)


  5. MEN looks interesting, but there is only 210 chapters out now though?

    if you pick it wont it end up like ATG and catch up to the raws really quickly and end up needing another new project less than a year in?

    1. If that turns out to be the case, I’m sure they’ll find another novel and stuff it into the same patreon; then plug away at the first 2 as they become available.

  6. @alyschu
    Your idea for combining both ATG/MEN seems nice but instead of doing 3 regular chapters of ATG + 3 regular chapters of MEN per week, why don’t you complete ATG’s ~33+ chapters gap and then start with the idea of 3 ATG + 3 MEN because Mars is updating ~3-4 chapters of ATG per week and you will end up with the author’s speed which is what every reader wants. I hope you think about this, of course after your exams ends..
    Best of luck for your exams

    1. A couple of minor points for you to consider what you think of them.
      1-with the ‘extra’ chapters, especially after they reach a 4/week goal, that small chunk of untranslated chaps will slowly go away.
      2-if they catch up and the author is sick a week, there’s no already released chaps to translate for people. The flow of goodness then stops while the author is unwell. Wouldnt you rather be behind some but move along smooth and regular?

      Just a couple thoughts. You decide if you like em or not.

  7. From what I read, not only does the author of MEN not update his novel every time, it’s 131 chaptaz thus far….wonder Y the novel was picked

    1. At risk of getting thrashed by Alys..
      I believe her short comment is meant to convey the fact that there are a lot more than 131 chaps available to them to translate.
      It may have greater meaning, but that’s the only part I can decipher list late at night.

  8. MEN sounds pretty close to being the antithesis to ATG, so its a really weird choice and clashes with this idea, I for one wouldnt want to put any money towards it which would prevent me from signing this patreon at all.

    Kind of a moot point cuz poor college student, but I could see alot of people feeling this way.

    1. People who only like one or the other is probably why they are keeping the pay-pal open for ATG. I would expect they’ll do something similar for MEN for those who don’t like ATG. It is totally possible to support only the one you like.

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