ATG Chapter 73, coming out of its closet

Blarghh, hi guys, alyschu here. I’m a casual translator from who probably has a bad case of translator-lust. No, that doesn’t mean I lust over translators (lol). It just means I can’t help but have a translator’s kind of wanderlust that makes me want to translate more and more projects that I shouldn’t be able to handle when alone. However, there are some nice people who have joined me to let me continue these projects, and I sometimes forget to tell them how wonderful they are, so this is my random shout-out to them that they may not even see! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

Now let’s get to the main point of this post! My confession…

I finished chapter 73 last night, and even made a page on wuxiaworld, but before I did a final check to see if it looked nice on the page, I made the terrible mistake of looking at that thing people refer to as “the bed”. It tempted me, so I thought I should lay down for a few seconds. I blinked twice and time had gone on without me! This is my very tragic excuse for not announcing it on a post. I didn’t mean to be a sneaky sneaky person, I swear!

This sponsored chapter was translated by OverTheRanbow, alyschu, and every one of Frantasy’s fingers and toes!

We must also thank our fabulous donors who have supported us for this chapter! Peter Y, Salim Z, Dustin S, Stephen R, and Étienne B, thanks a lot~!


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  1. Anyone else thought within first lines that this ‘translator lust’ of hers is directed towards Ren? xD

    Welcome, welcome! Thank you for translating! And for this chapter! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter alyschu and Ranbow! And Frantasy!
    I hope that even more translators join you and help you translate your novels… I’m really enjoying all of them but since you have so many projects it’s sometimes a little slow xD

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