ATG Chapter 680 ✿

Chapter 680 is brought to you by Dnton, doon, and not much of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by anon#R, Resham S, and deden h. Thanks guys! Queue is cleared, but the other one coming tonight is a regular chapter!

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ps. Heaven Seizer is now Duotian. You may now squeeze the duckies.

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  1. Going to take a lot of duckies to get over that stupid of a decision…I knew I should have taken the time to hack the poll, I am sure someone on the stupid side did…

  2. Don’t mean to seem unappreciative, I have always enjoyed your translations and you have always made the right decisions on your own on these matters, just like you initially did on this one. I just can’t understand why you would defer to the ignorance of the masses all of a sudden and with something as easy to manipulate as a strawpoll. There could easily have only been a handful of people voting on either side as long as they changed ips between votes or used a bot script, so, like most strawpolls there is no real value in the outcome data.

    1. Are you talking about the poll where we choose Little Ches Masters name? If you are..maybe you right..but we’ll have to live with “Heaven Seizer”….although i rly dont like that name..i mean rly why did they even put it to vote for? XD But i feel it has something to do with this new Daoist name generator thing..which gave me the most stupid name out of those 4 000 000+ names..rly But i reshaped my name so it sounds nicely :3 BUT..alyschu or other guys..i love you and i thank you for this chap..waiting for next one <3

  3. im saddened duotian won… it doesnt have the impact…. that and i have no frackin clue how i say that…

    it matters to me because i read out loud in my mind and most of the time sub vocalize… when its a word i cant figure out it gets stuck in my craw =(

  4. Hailing from a quality focused scanlation group myself, this actually triggers me quite a bit.
    Logically speaking, I don’t think that titles, especially meaningful ones, should be left untranslated. I mean you normally wouldn’t leave things like ‘Commander’ or ‘General’ untranslated either, would you? Even if we were to assume that it is a name and not a title, considering you already established a precedent with ‘Under Heaven’ there still wouldn’t be anything wrong with it. Moreover, as your target audience is english speaking, you kinda lose the authors intent with Duotian, which sorta goes against the whole point of translating something. And footnotes don’t really help, because they disrupt the reading flow. Especially in a case like this.
    You have to see this from the perspective of a person who hasn’t got a clue of chinese. That is, you’re essentially forcing your readers to stop and think, and then try to mentally connect the meaning with the sentence. Which is extremely awkward. Especially if this is going to be a running gag like with ‘Under Heaven’. Otherwise, as I said, you lose meaning.

    But what truly boggles my mind is that you left a quality related question to, what essentially amounts to random people on the street, who will only be capable of making arbitrary decisions based on what their favorite color happens to be, instead of consulting qualified people AKA your fellow/experienced translators.

    1. Ok, here is a thing. Names usually left as pinyin and titles are translated.
      In ATG there isn’t much usage of title-names and everyone uses their real names.
      Under Heaven family IS their actual name and should’ve been left as pinyin, but of some “fun” reason it was translated. (even after multiple confirmation that was their actual name and seventh sister was always pissed about it)

      And so we come to Duo Tian (Cause it’s name it written separately, not as one word).
      Elders asked his name, which he told them, in a few chaps later we will get pov of sun-moon hall grand elder who have deep knowledge of past, and he will confirm Duo Tian as OLD MAN DUO TIAN.

      So all that quirks about names/titles/duotian/Heaven Seizure/under heaven/duckies you may just write off as “tl/editor special flavour”.

      1. Yes, ‘Under Heaven’ was translated as an exception, because if it hadn’t, to anyone who doesn’t understand chinese, the whole joke wouldn’t have made any sense whatsoever. So it did in fact make sense to translate
        the name. Especially because the joke is an ongoing one. Yes, names should ‘generally’ be left untranslated,
        but exceptions still exist. Consistency is important in translations, but so is flexibility.
        In the end, the overarching goal of a good translation is try and convey the authors meaning not only accurately, but also in a natural and flowing fashion. So at worst it’s really more of a compromise, not a translation “flavor”.

        And what RWX mentioned led me to believe that it is indeed a title/alias, not a proper name?
        Though even if it where a name it still wouldn’t change anything. Why? Well, re-read the first part of this comment.

        1. Ok here is RWX point origin: He currently doing DE, and there title-names are usual thing. Like they have name and then they have title which frequently used. (Ji Ning have alias of Darknorth).
          But RWX seems not read ATG cause here titles are NOT USED. So it’s either RWX mistaken on part that Duotian is title or it’s first time in 680+ chapters character used title-name instead of actual name or that Duo Tian is actual name.

          1. It feels like you either didn’t fully read what I wrote or simply don’t understand it.
            First of all, I read Desolate Era myself and am fully aware of that.
            Second of all, it’s irrelevant.
            Why is it irrelevant? Well, I honestly don’t feel like explaining it a third time.

      2. So all that quirks about names/titles/duotian/Heaven Seizure/under heaven/duckies you may just write off as “tl/editor special flavour”.

        That’s exactly what I thought… I do think this was a mean to keep a form of interaction b/w translators and readers. Even the poll wasn’t protected. People with the same IP address can double-vote, triple-vote and so on. The result doesn’t matter. It’s just a game so that we, the readers will have more fun. That’s it. More fun… :3

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