ATG Chapter 643 ✿

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9 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 643 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. *Throws ATG ball*
    Little Demom Empress caught!!!
    *Looks at ATGdex*
    Little Demon Enpress or LDE is a rear gloomy type ATGmon. Lives close to her palace is surrounded by impregnable ice, both around herself and her heart. Can only be broken by the destined ATG master.
    Height and weight: Do you even care?
    Voice: Read the previous chapters. I’m not saying all that overly exgarrated stuff with rainbows and flower and stuff.
    Type: Already mentioned.
    Attacks/Moves: Icy stare, the I’m-gonna-kill-you-if-you-stare-at-me vibe, monotone gray, petite stare (only at her destined partner), imcreadilble libido drive/overdrive, oh answer the nearly invincible combat prowess.
    See you all next time!
    And as always, thank you for the chapters!!

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