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We have been using “this king” as a universal term for when royal males refer to themselves because that’s how it is in Chinese, but now we have decided to change all “this king” phrases said by the dukes of Illusory Demon Realm to “this duke” to avoid anyone missing our footnote and getting confused. I will be changing the terms (tomorrow!) in the previous chapters posted here so new readers read smoothly through the “this dukes” without having to wonder why they’re weird enough to call themselves kings. Props to Scrya for saying that we should be nice to readers and making me do more work!

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  1. Yes thank you Scrya! Always in favor of minor changes that make the text clearer and smoother, even if the meaning changes slightly, as long as the overall impression is the same.

  2. That would be like changing “face” to “honor” in my opinion…
    I think changes should be made only if it’s something really confusing or impossible to translate directly (puns, jokes, etc…)
    This includes not changing racist stuff. I mean, it’s not your responsibility to change the author’s words just because they do not fit our specific culture. Otherwise, you’d have to change any disdain for female strength like “Wow, I am amazed there are, not one, but two, females from the younger generation representatives!”.
    I think it’s silly to do that.

    1. I disagree with your comparison. ‘Face’ and ‘honor’ are similar but have unique enough differences that it’s necessary to use two separate words, not always interchangeable. The classic ‘you give me no face’ does not mean ‘you give me no honor’. A better example would be ‘trying to save face’. At that point you would translate ‘face’ to ‘dignity’, not ‘honour’. As you’ve likely noticed, that is a synonym of ‘honor’, not the same word, as is the nature of synonyms.
      Anyway, as you would translate ‘face’ to ‘dignity’ in some situations in lieu of the more usual ‘honor’, sometimes certain other synonyms are needed to maintain clarity and fluidity of the text, hence in this situation: duke > king, when it’s a Duke who’s talking.

      1. I don’t know.
        You could also say “king” is just “ruler below emperor”, and any person who is royalty refers to himself as such, and not just someone with the title of king.
        I don’t know about that culture, so I could be wrong.
        Anyway, I did not find it that confusing that a duke refers to himself as king. It’s like you’d try to fix a Japanese monarch who calls himself “we/us” rather than “I”. (Chinese monarchs as well, possibly?)
        So all I’m saying is, why waste time and effort on this? Other translations also use “this king” by rulers (I don’t remember where, but I know I’ve seen it in other novels), so why be different?

    2. Gimme some honor.
      Spare me some honor.
      Do you even have honor?
      He lost all honor.

      While I agree, bad analogy. Honor doesn’t fit everywhere. There’s a reason it stayed as “face”. It’s enough that they don’t translate every idiom or saying explicitly. Frog in the well, Mount Tai and “whether to laugh or cry” are mildly chinese. Other really, really chinese sayings (ST translator put them sometimes in brackets) are translated.

      As for female strength. God, Chinese people at least don’t try to distort reality. In Science women are minority, in sports woman are much weaker. Hell, in COMPUTER GAMES, where men should NOT have ANY advantage (stronger grip on the mouse?) women are literally 3 tiers below male players in CS, LOL despite spending just as much time as men. When I say ” 3 Tiers lower” I mean they are ants to people who are ants to people who are ants to people who are ants to people who are ants to champions. Do not give me that “Women are equal to men”. Women are fundamentally different, evolution made sure of it. Men are better decision makers, are not hot-headed and are much stronger. No wonder female cultivators are a rare thing. Western countries still can’t fathom people are not equal. So are sexes. Women have better memory, are better artists (do you know famous female painter though?), but are weaker and, well, not as smart when it comes to understanding science-related stuff. I know girls that understand that stuff, but they are minority, and there’s always few smarter males. Women science “skill ceiling” is just lower. Call me sexist, but that comes from someone who was in best science high school in the city and studies Computer Science. Women are just up to par, yet. Sad part is, men will probably nuke the whole Earth before evolution kicks in and make female brain more comprehensive and muscles stronger (oh well, they can’t be as strong as men, they have to take care of babies)

      So no, female cultivators are a rare thing. Just like in Kendo or anything fight related, even when technique is more important than strength and even when women are bigger than men and have similar strength, they lose miserably.

      @Edit: Why do I talk about science? I think realizing how techniques work, how elements work, realizing true nature of fire is much, much more about science and less about philosophy (Unless it’s Smooth Che’s buddha technique). Yun Che’s comprehension ability is unparalleled because he’s smart, not because he’s wise (he’s really not. xD)

      1. Duniak – You just strengthen my point, if I understand correctly.
        While I do not know if women are supposed to be inferior, it’s probably due to the part they have taken in society since the earliest of times. No female painters are known is more likely because they could not pursue it in old times (and even if they did, I would not doubt that some man took credit for them).
        Who knows how it would be if the world was mostly matriarchal in culture. Men would be builders while women educated and controlled written world (ruling, in other words)

        1. World would never be matriarchal for one reason. If it was, men would be called women and women would be called men. Women are giving birth to children and have this crazy matriarchal instinct, so by default they can’t take care of hunting. Also, to be more suited to raising children and giving birth to them, they need to have much less muscles and more fat, different bone structure etc. Oh, and bewbs. It also has consequences. They took such a role for a reason. It wasn’t a coin toss. There is a reason women were never fit for hunting and are physically inferior. Throughout the years, those differences became even more apparent. When physical labor was all we had to do men easily dominated. In wars men fought while women took care of homes. I don’t understand why women and education was a problem in medieval era, but I can wholeheartedly say, that women are inferior when it comes to understanding and superior when it comes to memory (but more men have photographic memory and they can remember numbers with ease), and IT’S BECAUSE OF DIFFERENCES IN BRAIN. Whatever people say, there are biological differences and it’s not women fault. Women are just fit for something different. If society thinks that “something different” is less useful than physical labor/science, ain’t got nothing to do with me. It will take AGES and hundreds of millions of women struggling to keep up with men for evolution to alter their brains.

          There are also subtle differences. I mentioned decision making. Men do it faster. There’s also hearing. Men can pinpoint location of an object just by hearing. It’s all because men were always hunting and they were simply locating prey. Over the years they just had better hearing (or rather, their brain analyzed more distinctive sounds). They had to know if there’s danger, got that survival instinct (women’s instinct is different). They were constantly in danger and had to make decision on the fly. Feminists can’t change it in 20 years. They can work their ass off to reach 20th percentile men as 99th percentile women.

          1. Duh, that’s what happens when I write from work and forget why I say particular stuff.

            The only way for world to matriarchal is for men to give birth to children and take care of them. But then men would be called women etc. So that’s that. And I talked about bewbs for one reason. You need to feed your kid with them, right? That means women has to take care of child. That also means, she lacks proper chest muscles. Chests muscles are used in everything. Swinging something down? Lower chest. A big fat boar you killed fell on you? Lift it up. Whole chest. Swinging from the side? Chest. To make all this fat from hips and bewbs balanced, women also don’t have good back muscles and can’t get muscles as fast as men (just look up women body builders and compare with men. Lel, 3x smaller). Back muscles are used when you pull, push, swing, whatever. Back muscles are the most important for fighting/hunting, that’s why men were better suited for it. After all those years, also our wrists are sturdier, forearms are bigger. Women can’t be as good as men, sorry.

          2. That’s not what I’ve meant when I’ve said “ruling”.
            It’s like, a ruler is usually a fairly weak-physically person (unless he’s a conqueror himself, a warrior), who leaves physical actions (labor, hunting, farming) to the physically strong and mentally inferior.
            Since most women can’t play the part (in a natural way, at least) of physical laborers, men would do it, while the women would be in charge of domestics (ruling the house, village and country).

            In fact, there are some natural matriarchal societies, although I hear they are mostly isolated villages and the like. Which is why I’ve said, it could be possible for the entire world to develop that way. But I guess men are not only naturally stronger, they are quite aggressive by nature, since from ancient times, strength meant survival, and they could force women and other men to submit. It’s not the brains that caused them to rule, but brawn. It just stuck.
            But now that the world is (trying to become) more equal, who knows if women would not be more into ruling positions?

  3. I don’t agree with this change, in fact I’ll continue reading it “this King”, just as I read “First Under Heaven” instead of “Number One Under Heaven”. But it’s your call. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. I never found it confusing or thought it was an issue. Perhaps readers relatively new to Chinese novels might find it confusing. Well, changing it is not a big deal either.

  5. Can someone please explain, I’m confused here.
    What’s the regular chapter release schedule for ATG?
    I thought it was 1ch/day if theres no issues, but apparently it’s not the case.

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