ATG Chapter 539 ✿

Chapter 539 is brought to you by Dnton and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Niles N, Amanda Z, Trevor L, Arnaud C, Ryan K, and John N.

Also, regarding Chapter 538 earlier today, the ‘Bai Jie’ thing was explained in the TL note a few hours later after it’s posted by OverTheRanbow.

Here it is, for those who missed it:

“OverTheRanbow Note: Regarding the ‘Bai Jie’ thing at the end, there is a mature adult novel named “少妇白洁“, or “淫荡少妇之白洁”, aka “Lustful young milf Bai Jie”. Mars Gravity basically made a reference as a joke, don’t worry about it being significant to the plot or anything haha.”


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  1. A Chinese Adult Mature Novel? That actually exists in China? I thought the government bans and censors Adult Mature material? And thx for the chapter!

  2. ty for the chappy. okay i think its time for a good old death batttle between yun che vs xiao yan from btth both use great swords and both have a master that they can summon so lets make this a 2v2 death battle.

    1. No contest, I’d say Xiao Yan would lose even to Yun Che just after getting the overlord sword, or even just after getting his meridians.
      I’ve noticed there are at least two types of novels (out of those I’m reading) – Those that have the fighter capable of shattering worlds with a breath (ISSTH, ATG, DE) and those that, even at the top of their strength, will still be capable of being defeated by a horde of weaklings (Heavenly Jewls Change and the author’s other works, BTTH and the author’s other works).

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