ATG Chapter 537 ✿ alyschu is not racist

I received an alarming email today from someone wondering if I was racist due to my horrible drawing skills of Jynx on Dnton’s birthday event. I just want to make sure that everyone knows I am not racist in anyway! Dispel those thoughts immediately! The theme was POKEMON.

Also, when I was trying to reference bulbapedia’s Jynx page, I noticed that they turned her purple due to a controversy about racism too! Now that was a rather interesting read in itself. I mostly watched the TV series until 5th gen, so I apologize for my ignorance.

Anyways, Chapter 537 is the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu. Enjoy~ Good night~

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    1. I’m suddenly tempted to drive to kfc or popeyes to see if there are any pokemon hanging out.

      Except, I don’t play pokemon go so unfortunately I’ll have to stay at home and not be a living, breathing, joke of a human being for the rest of the night. To seemingly everyone else, enjoy being shot at, mugged, and crashing your vehicles into parked police cars.

      1. People who play Pokemon GO are perfectly sane and normal, enjoying a good time, getting exercise and making friends.

        If you want to see what a living, breathing, joke of a human being looks like; go look up CounterStrike GO skin trading. $1700 for a knife skin and stuff like that.

        1. yeah you tell yourself that.

          Let there be no false dichotomy here. Just because skin traders are more insane does not mean pokemon go players walking onto private property to get shot at are not insane… actually now that I think about it they’re more insane.

          1. Yeah you tell yourself that, while you live in your basement and try to put people down for having fun, being healthy and enjoying things, by way of implying that 0.0001% of people who do a thing represent the group as a whole.

            Back under your bridge, you pathetic troglodyte.

          2. You guys have a hard time taking a joke when it’s made at your expense.

            But what do I care? Look how mad you are because I made fun of pokemon go. You’re sad.

          3. It’s more like people are mad because you pointed fingers at a given group, and called em’ a piece of sh*t.
            Choose yer snarky jokes better, if you want to call them that.

          4. At my expense? As of right now, I have played a grand total of zero seconds of Pokemon GO, so you’re off the mark with that too. Also, I’m afraid “I was only pretending to be retarded!” and “lol u mad” have never been valid comebacks in a debate. You got destroyed and I’m afraid you’ll have to simply deal with it.

            Now shhh, let people enjoy things.

          5. So many tears. I’m totally at fault for making up all those news stories about pokemon go users acting like lemmings.

            My bad guys. You’re not lemmings.

          6. I’m going to use logic and reason here, so odds are you’re not going to understand what I’m saying, but try to follow along anyway.

            First things first; replying to a retard in order to deliver a well deserved bit*cslap to their virtual face when they make a fool of themselves on the internet is not “crying” or “being mad”, no tears are involved (though I can’t speak for you there), there’s just a few facepalms in your direction and little else.

            As for Pokemon GO, sure there have been people who drove into police cars while playing Pokemon GO and things like that. Now here’s the thing, are you listening closely?
            The problem is not that they were playing Pokemon GO while driving.
            The problem is that they were messing about with and paying attention to something other than the road in front of them while they were driving.
            The fact that recently there have been a few cases where the thing that distracted people was ‘Pokemon GO’ is not the fault of Pokemon GO, it’s the fault of stupid people for not putting anything that could distraction away, when there’s something they should be concentrating on and actively aware of.

            Trying to claim it’s the fault of anything other than stupid people being stupid, or trying to claim that a group of people many tens of millions in size are all “living, breathing, jokes of a human being” simply because you don’t like whatever they’re having fun with, and because of rare fringe cases of stuff that happened to people while they were playing Pokemon GO, only makes you look like an imbecile.

            I may not play Pokemon GO, but I’m certainly not going to insult or belittle people for enjoying it.

          7. You realize that most people that play Pokemon Go and Drive would probably text and drive, and people that do dangerous stunts to find Pokemon would probably do those kinda stunts for selfies, right?

            You realize that the problems happening with Pokemon Go are with a very small minority of people right?

            And news outlets age trying to get all the coverage over that small minority of idiots and then apply it to the majority.

            Cause what do you think would get more people reading the article “Person killed playing Pokemon Go” or “90,000 safe while playing Pokemon Go”.

            Just cause you don’t like the game doesn’t mean you should be a jerk towards people that do play it.

            And don’t use news that is obviously skewed as a method of trying to prove your point either.

          8. I love how people are explaining to me that not every single pokemon go player is doing the stuff reported on the news, like they don’t understand what a hyperbolic statement is or how people use them.

            I half expected someone with moderation rights to come in here and say “calm down kiddos”. You all need to chill the f out. I’m not going to bother checking this conversation again so from here on out it’s your echo chamber, enjoy.

          9. “I know there’s no possible argument I can use to come back after being destroyed like that, so I’m leaving in disgrace after making a colossal fool of myself one last time.”

            We knew already, thanks for the head’s up but it was already obvious you were out of your depth and needed to run and hide with your rep in tatters and no face left.

            Smartest thing you could have done was to simply leave without making that comment, only the desperate or a child would resort to telling everyone “Okay I’m not going to read any more, but only after getting the last word!”. At least that way you could have looked like you’d maybe learned something from your spergfest spazzout.

      2. the fact that no one sees the black joke in this comment tells me even more that you guys are clueless do pokemon go players mugg people shoot people crash into police cars or do people playing pokemon go get shot and mugged. do pokemon go playrs hang out at popeyes or kfc what temted him to want to drive to kfc or popeyes is the pokemons there hes referring to the black faces pokemon jynx do all pokemon like chicken or is it just the black face jinx that like chicken. the worst people in the world arent the ones calling verything racist the worst people in the world are the iggnorant garbabe who promote this kind of crap and act like its not there

        1. I can’t even begin to go into how stupid that comment is, and it’s inane drivel like that, that keep racial issues and you from being treated seriously.

        1. What’s actually funny about this issue, is that calling something racist, is racist by itself — since you need to have the qualities of a racist to detect them. It’s a case of a self-perpetuating problem that way.
          It feels like there were real scars a few good years ago about race (the 80s-70s), that keep hurting the old generation, which do not want to bloody let go and let the new generation not give a f*ck about these matters that they themselves perpetuate.
          In this pace, we’ll soon be told that Nurse Joy is actually insensitive to all women, and thus should also have a bunch of twin brothers added to the mix because that’s clearly top-rate issue we must push, seeing how easy it is to ride on Pokemon’s popularity to make headlines.

          Also, “Black World Today”, “Black TV” and so on, are such a dumb things. If there was a “WHITE world Magazine” people would go absolutely mad from the name alone.
          Race issues are serious matters, but people made it into such a laughing stock that it’s almost impossible to take seriously.

          1. For once, I could not agree with you any more. There are few things that annoy me more than stupid people, one of which is “stupid people who throw the term ‘racist’ around” at anything they don’t like. Even worse is if when you tell them off for misusing it, they’re dumb enough to think that this means you hate being called racist and therefore must be a racist.

            A bullet to the head is too good for those people.

      1. they made jynx purple? what a bs because some people think its “offensive” (its looking for problems where there are none -.-). There are more problems in the world than an original style jynx, hell i didnt even know that they changed her (like alyschu i only saw the first 5 or so season on tv when i was a kid)

  1. Yeah. . . if you played Pokemon in the 90’s then Jinx is black, if you played Pokemon in 2000’s then Jinx is. . . purple? or whatever they changed it to.

  2. ugh. racist really? Jinx used to be black, just because they want to be political correct and turn it purple does not mean people have the right to call you “racist” over a drawing of the “original” Jinx…

  3. Eh, I don’t think you should worry about it. People are just race-baiting. Looking for attention. If you watch the news in the US it happens everyday now >.<

      1. The media is more about making headlines and drawing our attentions to advertisements, than to actually inform us of anything.
        But seeing as how I was pulled into this thread with this hate-bait, it seems I’m not the wiser to avoid it.

  4. Jinx was originally black but they changed Jinx’s coloring due to complaints about racism because of her black skin and big lips that resemble an African-American. So she came back purple. There’s an episode out there that was banned from America because it contained Jinx before the recoloring.

    1. You would be wrong, it is not because that it resembles African-american’s. It resembles black face from when blacks where not allowed to be in movies, so when they wanted a black person in a movie they would use a white actor in black face paint with red painted lips. That is what would be considered racist about that character and not that it resembles actual blacks.
      There was a character in Dragon Ball Z (can’t think of his name) that is also like that, black face, big red lips.

      1. mr popo

        “To some, Mr. Popo is claimed to be a variant of “darkie iconography”, a racist style of caricature.[5] On May 4, 2000, an article written by children’s book author Carole Boston Weatherford claimed that Mr. Popo, along with the Pokémon #124, Jynx, were derogatory stereotypes because of the black skin, big lips, and for Mr. Popo, the lack of teeth.[6] In 2004, Viz Media began to downsize Mr. Popo’s large lips digitally in the American release of the Dragon Ball manga. Pokémon had changed Jynx’s face and hands to purple”

        If I ever met that person irl I’d slap ’em upside the head.
        Go complain about Bill Cosby being a caricature of blacks, Mr. Popo was a good role model.

        2 weeks later we’ll find out Mr. Popo raped a thousand women.

      2. Jynx is based 100% on the Japanese fashion trend “Ganguro” though; literally anybody who tries to claim it is anything to do with blackface, is a dribbling retard who should be ignored.

        As for Mr Popo, he’s a Djinn, again also nothing to do with blackface.

          1. The problem isn’t that they’re uninformed.
            The problem is the depressing notion that today’s generation instantly jumps to one word catch-alls, like “racist!”, as the conclusion for anything and everything.

            These are generally people so obsessed with racism, that they see it in all things. The only thing they don’t see it in is the one main place it primarily exists in; namely themselves.

  5. I think I remember having seen her in both hues (black and purple) at different times, but I thought it since it still looked pretty much the same and because pokemon and racism had never been part of the same sentence for me, it never crossed my mind that there was such a history about Jynx.

    But you shouldn’t lie. I have noticed that most WW translators are more kindly disposed towards the yellow race. There are Pikachus everywhere!

  6. Oooohohohohooo… Can we PLEASE make Grand Wizard Alyschu a thing? Can we find a way to make that happen? Like the rest of the translators generally get the title of Patriarch or some such, can we just give Alyschu the title of Grand Wizard instead?

  7. Yea, Jinx original color is black. For those who watch pokemon on the early 90’s they’ll know about this and not going to have such a thought. It just mean people nowaday is just lack…….. Ughh, I don’t even want to continue this word to avoid some meaningless argument.
    BTW, Thanks for the chapter.

  8. People who think Jynx is, has been, or ever was in any way shape or form ‘racist’ are the highest level living form of stupidity, as any higher level already have Darwin awards and are thus dead.

    Treat these people as they deserve to be treated – with utter disdain and contempt.

  9. I’m trying to figure out how many ‘Africans’ have natural, flowing blonde hair.
    I also noticed that people left out the viking princess parts of Jynx. That she’s wearing the Brunhilda armor, that some of her story says that her skin is black from being in the blistering cold… That kind of thing.

  10. Honestly, people calling out racist and sexist at every little thing are one of the worst kinds of idiot in the world. They don’t understand what racism and sexism is, but they want to doctate other people’s lives just like some of the worst people we’ve had in human history, so they water down the meaning of the words to the point where they mean nothing.

    Being racist and sexist has essentially come to mean not supporting their twisted ideology/half religion, so in that case when people call me racist and sexist I just say:

    “Well, your definition of racism/sexism seems to mean anyone who uses reason and logic, so in that case, yes, I’m as racist/sexist as they come.”

    1. “I can’t believe nobody has brought up the Game Theory episode that was ALL about if Jynx is racist!”
      Game Theory is trash. They do poorly thought out, poorly researched theories and treat themselves as the definite answer.

      Gnoggin is decent, he will at least revise his theories if new evidence turns up, do proper research and logical analysis into the subject and accepts that his answers are just theories.

      If you’d like an example, try watching the game theory for “How fast can Sonic run?”, then compare that afterwards to the two Gnoggin episodes in the subject.

      1. you know i actualy did not know anything about pokemon past or present no idea about th purple or black color all i know is that big lips and jet black face was used as a racist joke and only as a racist joke as in here in america the ONLY place you will see that is racist comedy intentionaly disrespecting black people so when i saw it i was offended but like i said it wasnt until the to all my brothers and sisters of same race comment that made me acualy question the motive because truth is there is multiple races of people and here in america the word race is used to split people in groups not bring them together like to the human race would be less likely the meaning because the term is used to differentiate between races of people and when you same all brothers and sisters of same race also seems to imply that there are brothers and sisters of a diffrent race but only the same and mine is who the chapter is for

    1. again no one called anyone racist the thing about harrasment is its about the perception people might do things that other people percieve as offensive if a woman feels sexually harrased by a person then if the person is not trying to be offensive or sexually harras the woman then wouldnt it be proper for the offending person to stop doing what is percieved to be offensive? its common sense you are ignorant for believeing that since YOU do not find it offensive then no one should you are you and i am me and i found it offensive but since it was a misunderstand and is cleared up then its all good but dont down play my question because you live a life free of racism and discrimination

      1. Now that, is some highly twisted and distorted thinking right there.

        You’re trying to act like somebody being offensive physically to another person’s face, is the same as an unrelated 3rd party getting offended over somebody else’s birthday card, plus a Pokemon. That kind of thinking is why many people have stopped taking people who cry “racist!” seriously.

        If somebody is unintentionally being offensive TO YOU, fine go ahead and ask them to stop. If it’s intentional, fine go ahead and call them as appropriate. But if you’re a bystander and you start getting offended on behalf of others, that’s when you need to stop being stupid and keep it to yourself. People don’t need you to be offended for them, and if you’re not an involved party then you don’t have the right to get offended.

        Not everything is racist.
        Not everything is sexist.
        Etc, but one of the first steps to helping stop the problem is to stop being part of the problem. You can stop being part of the problem when you stop getting offended by things that aren’t your business, and stop being offended on behalf of others.

        Rule of the thumb? Start by assuming something isn’t racist, until it’s demonstrably provable that it is racist; not the other way around, as you appear to want to do.

        1. what are you talking i never once said everything is racist or sexist. second stop getting offended at something thats not my business? wtf are you taking about if i see a black blow up dummy hanging from my niebors lawn by a rope am i sappose to say hey its not my house i have no right to be offended. im not going to argue about how i got offended i explained it already it was a combination of picture and statement who the picture was for is not the issue. going by what you say no one should stand up for whats right unless it directly affects them? it doesnt matter who offensive or racist comments are too everyone should mind if there is a racial issue not just the victom of it i think the first step would be for you to stop being a part of the problem due to your lack of understanding in racial issues

          1. “if i see a black blow up dummy hanging from my niebors lawn by a rope am i sappose to say hey its not my house i have no right to be offended.”
            Get a clue, again you’re trying to compare two drastically different things and pretending they’re the same thing. Having an effigy on your front lawn is an open insult to all around, and you’re trying to compare that to a Pokemon birthday card between two people.

            The problem due to your lack of understanding in racial issues, namely that the more you cry wolf, the less people take you seriously. Every time you start off by assuming something is racist when it’s not, ESPECIALLY when you’re not involved? That reduces your credibility a little. After so many times of people just like you crying wolf and assuming that something is racist when it isn’t, sane people are taking less and less notice so when something really IS racist, few people are paying attention any more.

            If you want people taking you seriously, assume it isn’t racist to begin with, and be sure it’s racist first if you’re going to complain about it.

    2. you guys kill me with the racism doesnt exist any more crap seriusly if you guys believe that people just throw the word racist out there as a habbit then you are not actualy thinking you just blurting out what come off the top of your head. i live in a city thats 93% white 2% asian 1% latino 4% black 94% of all traffic violations and arrests are black. now some iggnorent blind people will say hey thats because blacks commit more crimes but to the black population they know the crime they commited was being black because if you go to certain areas it is a 100% chance of being pulled over and searched for no reason my wife is filipina in the last 10 years i have had to go to court 76 times for only traffic violations no criminal history in my entire life even have a security clearance from military all 76 violations we from stuff like turn signal state inspections so on my wife on the other hand has gotten 45 warnings 37 of wich i got a ticket for as in i drive to work no inspection get a ticket wife picks me up from work same car same city same late inspection gets a warning but hey you guys say theres no racism

      1. “you guys kill me with the racism doesnt exist any more crap”
        Could you kindly show us even ONE SINGLE PERSON here in this comment section, who claims that racism doesn’t exist any more?

        Personally I’m claiming that irredeemable stupidity still exists, and my evidence is all of your comments.

  11. This is ironic because the only people who would say Jinx is a racist black face are people who put American values over Japanese culture that has no black face racism. Considering Jinx is heavily hinted at being based off of Japanese lore/culture. So it’s nothing more than west forcing it’s culture onto the east.

  12. Some people are just retarded. That’s the reason freedom is bad. No black with an Oscar nomination? It’s certainly not because they didn’t make anything good. It MUST HAVE BEEN because of skin color. Say “Black power”, standing ovation. Say “White power”, get locked up. Transvestite didn’t win a competition? It’s because of homophobism, he’d have won if he was normal! World gives freaking bonus points to anything LGBT/Black/any strange minority do, because they are afraid to offend them. Conchita Wurst was REALLY mediocre. Noone remembers what he sang. Everyone remembers his dress and beard. This guy’s name is making fun of it. Seashell Sausage? Come on now.

    To end the rant, don’t worry Alyschu, haters will find racism everywhere. Killer Whale is Black, right? AND HE’S CALLED KILLER. And then look at white GREAT WHITE Shark. Black is Killer, White is called Great? Racist!!!!

  13. Jinx got purple?? Well, that’s news to me.. Anyway isn’t changing from black to purple more racist? Original WAS black so I think no problem with an old fan remembering it as black.

    Thanks for the chapter as always btw 🙂

  14. well ill start with thank for clearing up the issue about the statement and picture i do believe you are not racist thank you for clearing it up. now thats said to all you people commenting about it let me put it into context i did not say he was racist i asked if he was because the picture combined with the statement to all my brothers and sisters of the SAME RACE” the two combined gave me the perception that it was racist but as a logical person i asked first i didnt just go off accusing people second i assume none of you are black so dont act like you would understand. pictures like that were used and are still used today to make fun of black people so when a black person sees it and is offended it is like and gunshot victim not likeing guns pointed at them and this is not about the 70s or 80s things are worse for black people now then they were in the past racism still exist and is still a problem so dont go saying ignorant insensitive statements because you dont see or understand racism

  15. That original design does have characteristics that inevitably remind people of the stereotypical racist portrayal of black people in art. Some things are bound to cause disturbances. It doesn’t help that while such portrayals are no longer publicly tolerated in the west, the Japanese and Koreans can be a bit more easygoing about it. It doesn’t seem to bother them much, for an obvious reason or two. Others notice it and scream racism, but the artists and their original audience either don’t really notice an issue or it isn’t a big deal for them. Not a widespread phenomenon, but something that occasionally crops up when reading manga/webtoons.

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