ATG Chapter 536 ✿

Dearest brothers and sisters of the same race, Chapter 536 is brought to you by crushanapple and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Francis T, See S, ALEXANDER P, and Ethan S. Enjoy!

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      1. You’re absolutely right. It just tickles me that’s all. One second I’m thinking, “Man this chapter is taking forever. Gonna donate to help!”. Next second………..Ding! Chapter available

  1. This has been bothering for a while i kind of let it go but here i see a comment again and it throws me off so i am going to ask directly. are you racist? i started feeling like there are some racial issues back when the birthday cards were being maid and it had a picture of a black girl looking fat and ugly with huge stereotypcle lips saying something like kiss to me that was racist like the old black faced cartoons in america used as racist comedy then you go and say to all brothers and sisters of the same race on the post. so it seems like there could be a problem here i could be wrong maybe you meant human race but that doesnt explain the picture so please tell me am i mistaken or are you thinking its funny to be racist

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