ATG Chapter 534 ✿ Pokemon Go and T-Mobile

Just in case some of you don’t know about this: T-Mobile is offering a free year of unlimited data for Pokemon Go! You have to download their app to get the year of free data from them. There are also extra freebies you can get from downloading the app, like free Lyft rides up to $15 to get to a new PokéStop or Gym!

I am not affiliated with T-Mobile in anyway, just one of their customers! Hope this helps someone who didn’t know about it!

Chapter 534 is brought to you by Dnton and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Bob and Christof G. Enjoy~

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  1. Just a heads up – this offer from T-mobile conflicts directly with policies that attempt to preserve net neutrality and keep the internet the way it is. Data collection results from this offer will likely be used in future attempts to oppose or shut down FCC regulations. It’s not my place to tell you what you should do, since this is free stuff and I’m a fictional character stuck in a mask – just be careful when companies offer this sort of thing.

    1. Yeah, seems rather fishy, like a honeytrap. Those hidden clauses and ‘we reserve the right to modify this when we see fit’

      1. I agree. At first I didn’t see the harm and then someone pointed out that small companies literally cannot compete with what T-Mobile is offering, whether a telecom or a gaming company. A small gaming company that isn’t bankrolled by Ninty can’t afford to meet every individual telecom’s standards if they all start doing this.

  2. Team Mystic represent! By playing Pokemon Go, I can finally fulfill my lifelong dream of being in a gang! 😛
    That’s a pretty amusing promotion, though. I haven’t noticed Pokemon Go using too much of my data, so having unlimited data for it wouldn’t matter too much.

  3. People make sure you read all of the terms and agreements policy before clicking accept first,simply because that just seems to good to be true.

  4. At long last, I have begun to finally start to dislike this series…Are you telling me his only personality traits are to keep messing with women and fight people? I originally thought it was cool and refreshing to see him have a few wives, women he can think about when his life is in danger. But now that it seems like every arc he’s going to pick up chicks, it’s far too redundant. I hoped this story would rival Coiling Dragon, looks like I overestimated the author.

    My biggest issue is this, think about the difference between the phoenix empire and blue wind, there are no overlords in blue wind. Therefore we can presume based on the information given to us that it wouldn’t take long at all for divine phoenix empire to completely subdue blue wind, even dethrone their royalty. The author has left that happening and then makes the main character go to another realm where he’s messing around? Is the author just confused on where he wants to take the story at this point? I’m an avid reader of both Eastern and Western Fantasy and have been for years, and I’m telling you, ATG is getting sloppy right now.

    1. Oh man this has been going on for a while now. You can’t read too closely into these series, it’s all about the super talented and awesome MC, and the plot be damned. Had an argument back when Divine Phoenix Empire declared war, trying to highlight how retarded it was that a “war” was needed. A bunch of Monarchs and Tyrants could just show up and do whatever the hell they want, and for some reason a 3 month to 3 year period is required. The author just felt like a war was needed and how he got there did. not. matter. There’s a lot of annoying repetitive shit like this. Girls? Competitions? Young masters being stomped on? Being a badass and awing stronger beings? those are sort of high peaks in a story and these authors need to maintain ratings so it makes their work crappy by using it all the time.

      1. Yeah it’s ridiculous that there would need to be a war. I mean the MC was able to wipe out an entire sect while having the aggregate power of like an emperor profound realm expert and divine phoenix has kids stronger than that lol. Without Yun Che the only protector of the country is that one guy that Yun Che and his first wife jumped and defeated…so shouldn’t blue wind be destroyed by now? How long was he stuck in that ship dealing with crazy gravity again? I’m sure if the story followed any logic all Yun Ches wives would be either dead or sex slaves by now with him disappearing all the time to train *Rolls eyes*

        Well at this stage I’m just happy Shen Yin Wang Zuo and Desolate Era have not yet failed me as quality stories to read but I think i’m now dropping atg.

    2. sloppy right now? It’s been sloppy the whole time. Do you really expect high quality work from authors that publish 7-20 chapters a week?

      We just got through 20 chapters of CD. . . er, I mean, 20 chapters of filler where barely a paragraph per chapter advanced the plot. That’s like point number 3 on IET’s style guide.

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