ATG Chapter 528 ✿

Chapter 528 is brought to you by Dnton and not much of alyschu.

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edit: oh my gosh, I totally forgot to put in Dnton’s thank you note and comment. Here it is!

Translator note: I think you will realise that Mu Yurou is the one person who will keep emphasizing Yun Che’s kindheartedness. Truly a mother’s love knows no bounds XD! Or maybe it’s cos she hasn’t seen Bad Che or Smooth Che yet XD!

Translator comment: Thank you for all of your birthday cards. Also the pokemon theme chosen by Alys-sama was indeed inspired! All hail the squirtle squad >=D! Squirtle is the best, the rest is the rest >=P!

I’ll put it in 529’s post as well in case you guys missed it due to my forgetfulness…

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  1. First I was happy that there is another chapter tonight because it is already nighttime here.
    but then I started thinking
    and understood that I must go sleep in order to pass the time and read the next chapter as “fast” as I can.

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