ATG Chapter 527 ✿

I’m back from munchies and I’ll get right to updating the sheet for birthday cards! Since it should be well over 50, I’ll release the chapter first. I’m glad you guys are enjoying both the event and the story 🙂

Chapter 527 is brought to you by birthday boy Dnton who’s still asleep and not much of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Brenton S, Joseph J, and steve r. Thanks guys!

Even though the chapter is out, you can still make a birthday card for Dnton here, since it’s still his birthday!

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  1. I told myself I’ll make the birthday card later, and now terrorist attack in France happened, so I’ll have to do some deep web digging for my job. Sorry Dnton. For now, best wishes and happy birthday. If I have time tomorrow I’ll make some terrifyingly disastrous Paint-ing for you.

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