ATG Chapter 524 ✿

Chapter 524 the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by crushanapple and not much of alyschu.

crushanapple is a new face on our team who joined us quite a while ago, but this is actually the first time you’re seeing her! Give her a kiss or two and welcome her!

She says:

Hi everyone,
I’m the new translator for ATG, nice to meet you all ;3
I hope you all enjoy ATG as much as I do .v.
Have fun reading and don’t fall off a cliff <:
– crushanapple

ps. the fabulous alyschu has another chapter for you today because of the fabulous me
pps. that ps was totally written by me, crushapplechu.. I mean crushanapple.

33 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 524 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Oh~~~ another lord translator has token pity on us~~~
    Praise the lord translator~~
    Praise more chapters being released due to new lord translator~~~
    Praise 3 chapters per day~~~
    In other words do 3 chapters per day??

    1. Amen Maosama..
      Elder Crushanapple welcome and thanks.. I won’t be stingy ..if elder orders a couple I will shower a dozen of kisses.. So here it goes :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* and no need to return back the kisses an equal no. of chapters will do ( am I sic to prefer chapters over kisses :(.. )

  2. THis proves that even the Translator got bored & annoyed by ATG,,
    the story is too PREDICTABLE it boring AF, we exactly know how will the story go,
    well,, welcome new trans, i hope u can keep up with it, *Tsskk

      1. Since there is a whole team of translators, shouldn’t we get more chapters everyday as long as the que is full? Other stories have just one translator and they manage to do that.
        P.S- welcome crushanapple! Hope to see a lot more from you!

  3. ? Crushanapple ?
    Just hearing this name give me chills… ?
    Knowing that this is your first apparition, many trainers must have known of this… ?
    Wait for me… ?
    I’m marching to your rescue… ?
    I’ll find you before anyone else, capture you and raise you into a formidable translator – you will be unbeatable within your ranks; I can be sure of this… ?

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