ATG Chapter 518 ✿ and a question for you all

Chapter 518 is the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu.

I know some people like checking out the teasers of the next chapter (and some even save them!), so I was wondering how I should continue on with them.

Random poll

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  1. I had Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition… so, Pikachu was my favorite starter.
    In Pokémon GO?
    It hasn’t released where I live yet >_>

    1. I know right? When I saw that option, I almost woke up everybody in my house from laughter! Alyschu is one of, if not the number 1# funniest translators I know of.

      I remember a while back when I saw the teaser of the next chapter and it was the pole-dancing bunny with the text above “Love me”.
      It came so suddenly and out of no where, with seemingly no reason behind it (Keep in mind that until this point, it had just been the pole-dancing bunny for 20+ chapters straight with no other text, and then this random quote “Love me” appeared).

      I don’t know why, but I found it so funny that I laughed until I was crying.

      Thank you Alyschu, you’re great, keep it up!

  2. thanks for the chapter.

    as for the Poll question since posting no picture at all was not part of the poll i have to ask why bother posting a teaser with a picture and no actual teaser of the next chapter? posting memes and what not. just wastes bandwidth.

    1. Oh, don’t be a stick-in-the-mud. I happen to like the random pictures and dislike having an actual teaser (it only means less for me to read when the actual chapter is released).

  3. I really like it when a teaser very indirectly hints at the chapter’s essence. For example, a bicycle gif hinting at a chase scene, or two kids with toy swords standing on a stone wall hinting at a duel, or art of a snow-themed girl hinting that Qingyue is the focus of the chapter.

  4. Elder Alyschu, I would prefer real preview as in path of the cultivation one cannot be distracted and sometimes the preview of next chapter gets us over a cliff … So show mercy on us and you can add whatever below the real preview ..Amithabha..

  5. Smooth Che wouldn’t be Smooth Che without his jade beauties, then again I prefer something funny, but even more I like something like ISSTH has, both funny and relevant.

  6. keep the image file size below 1MB please, too much bandwidth consumption.
    if the image is too big, you could use the thumbnail function of image host sites.

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