ATG Chapter 506 ✿

Chapter 506 is brought to you by Dnton and alyschu.

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Yikes it took so long! It’s almost 2:30am! This chapter was like 2x longer than normal so someone better kiss Dnton on the nose for doing this chapter if they ever see him on the street. I heard he lives in some island in Southeast Asia… put some lipgloss on and tell him to plucker up. I’m pooped! Good night!

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  1. Only 3 island countries i know..
    Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines

    I believe he is from Singapore!!
    First, Singapore is multi race with its main languages are English but majority know Mandarin
    Second, Philippines’ main language is Tagalongs and lots know English but few Mandarin
    Third, Indonesia’s main Language is its own Bahasa Indonesia, only Chinese race can speak Mandarin but few can read

  2. Thank you so much! This chapter made my day! It was rather emotinal, I think even more so than if they knew who he was. Probably when his identity is revealed it would be more of a heroic moment after he showed them his strength and redeemed his family.

    1. The highest possibility when Yun Che will reveal his identity would be during the Loli Empress ‘something’ XD and the other one would be in the next few chapters where Senior Mu Yubai will discover Che’s profound handle if ever he tends to him.

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