ATG Chapter 500 ✿ and a happy 500!

Chapter 500 is brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu!

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To celebrate our 500th chapter, here’s a random picture I had lying around! It’s almost 2am here, good night!

31 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 500 ✿ and a happy 500!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. let me know does this story eventually has rape in the future because i hope not i just dropped mga after reading 795ch+ cause of my morals it just that mc and rape is fuking uncalled for like seriously im ranting too much this is my last message of it i ranted alot but it is just uncalled for.

    Take issth for example. virgin character = huge success, NO.1 story
    then there are harem rape story like mga that is stupid you can relate the MC to an ISIS Terrorist of the modern world with rape like seriously.

    1. Seriously you have no problems against torture and mass murder but rape and ur trigerred some seriously messed up thinking/ “morals” right there
      Firstly nobody would give a shit if u dropped it or not we will still read it and love it but do avoid going around screaming like an attention seeker baby it irritates us readers quite a bit
      And FYI its a FICTIONAL story

      Btw you seem to love virgins bet u are one too and seems likely u will remain one too for a looooong time 😉
      Have a nice day

      PS: I love ISSTHs too

      1. hmm you got a good point and mass murder/torture is bad but I am use to it I read so much of these stories but rape i don’t mind if it a villain character doing it but MC ugh it just annoys me.

        I don’t have to be a virgin if you invite me into your bedroom if you know what I mean 😉

        PS: If you love ISSTHs then I love you 😛

      1. I agree with your logic, this whole situation is fuked up. Im fuked up, your fuked up, this story fuked up
        I reflected upon my past comments, I won’t delete them but it’ll be a reminder of mistake it, i shouldnt have made it like mass murder/torture < rape

        PS: now we got this out of the way can we hug? im lonely D:

      1. I definitely don’t want to imagine a scene where Yun Che is tired up while Ji Qianrou is admiring his beautiful biceps and stroking his perky Adams apple…

      1. because there are only so few stories with 700 eng ch out i always like to mass binge read so i tried hard to keep going after the first fked up bit but then it happened again so….

  2. Pokemon-related shipping is awesome. Even though I don’t actually read or watch Pokemon, I somehow ended up acquiring a ton of fan art along those lines…

    Thanks to SummerRain + alyschu + the 9 sponsors for this 500th chapter. That’s a lot of chapters.

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