ATG Chapter 486 ✿

Hey guys, you know how No words can express the rage of nine thousand suns burning in the depths of my heart missed his sign up time? Well, the two who signed up for today’s double release didn’t so there’s a 75% chance that another chapter will come out tonight after this one. Yay!

Chapter 486 is brought to you by Scrya and not much of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Terrance S, christophe s, and anon#R. Thanks guys!

In order to increase the chances of a next chapter later tonight to 99%, show us the funniest thing that you’ve seen/read today! Make us (mostly me) laugh! I had a great time seeing the poll results last night!

edit: There will be a chapter coming out tonight thanks to our winner, Iron, who has appealed to my weird sense of humor. Keep the funnies if you want to share them though!

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  1. Let’s see, I’d like another chap so… something funny.

    Yesterday I was taking a walk to the local corner store and I saw this female duck standing on the other side and a bit over the median of a highway I was walking next too that just stood there glaring at me and quacking it’s head off as I walked by. On the way back I noticed that she and her husband were sitting down even more on the road just chilling there so I decided to go over and convince them to stop being so reckless. As I was walking up to them an ice cream truck with that annoying song blaring drove right by them, just a foot away, and that husband just pissed himself all over the road and just sat there quivering in it. I just kinda stood there dumbfounded for a bit, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at his manliness compared to his wife who sat there without the slightest care, not even willing to get up when I was standing right in front of her and her husband has long fled. She had declared herself the owner of that road and wasn’t moving for anything!

    Yet that disgraceful husband of hers, pissing himself due to the scary ice cream truck? What a silly duck xD

  2. Well my Grandma came to my home yesterday and spent no less than half an hour pointing with the remote to the Microwave, and insulting in italian because it wasn´t working .
    God i love my Nona.

  3. Well, the weirdest, or funniest, thing I saw/read today was:
    “I sexually identify myself as an assault helicopter…” It was followed by some other stuff that i’ve already forgotten (though I’m sure it was offensive). It was on a YouTube video about live stream fails.

    PS: I don’t know how to use parenthesis on sentences [Nor have the best grammar] so, deal with it.

    1. I have heard that before, but I still didn’t get it. I think it was just a troll thing people pulled out of their b… that randomly caught on lol.

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