ATG Chapter 479 ✿

Chapter 479 the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by Scrya and alyschu.

We’re going to tackle that 22 chapter queue now… There will definitely be double releases days come next week.

19 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 479 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. DOUBLE RELEASE OMG!! thanks so much for the hard work and to those who are sponsoring. I too will sponsor in the future once i get my job this coming month.

  2. Well, this is what would happen when you start putting out those limited time offers (people generally go nuts for this kind of stuff so it was kinda expected), thanks for the chapter. Are you going to do such a thing again in the future when the bar is nearly filled again like so ? XD I feel like we’re going to get another round of the mass release in one day again like that 30 chapter push.

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