ATG Chapter 478 ✿

I have five things to mention so don’t go reading the chapter yet! I’ll make it a list or else I’ll ramble off into nowhere.

1) Wow, I went away for a bit and when I came back, sponsored queue got filled 5 minutes after making that post. You guys are awesome!
2) Dnton went a bit Shakespearean in this chapter, but I hope you guys appreciate his poetic sense!
3) Regarding chapter 477, I saw a few comments about how Yun Che had mistakenly heard the voice say “find him”. In the Chinese language, the it/she/he pronouns all sound the same. The voice is saying her, but Yun Che thought that he had to find a “him”. This is not incorrect, and I put a note on the bottom of 477 just in case future readers noticed this as well. No, this will not be changed to it!
4) Special thanks to Soutine for having fabulous eyeballs!
5) Our sponsored button has imploded with $10/12/15s that I am still currently making a list for. Just in case I missed anyone due to the influx of 25+ donations, do make sure to keep an eye out and see if you’re mentioned on our sponsored list of names on each sponsored release BEFORE you see me say that the queue is cleared! I would feel terribly sorry if I missed a name and shall strive to double check! Queue isn’t cleared yet!

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  1. Thanks to the translators and alyschu team for being an awesome superior being…and also the people who always supported the ATG.. keep the money flowing thanks again….

  2. So uh, if what you said about ppl donating exceeding 100 and it’s in 10/12/15s, wouldn’t the bar be at like $1000+? meaning 14+ chapters being sponsored? Thanks for the chapter

      1. You would only die to death a little. Should be fine. Nothing some funny internet videos can’t fix!
        Thanks for your work!
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  3. For everyone who donates, i give you my thanks, without you all we cannot read this daily.

    For the translator, how about change the rule? If the donation exceed certain threshold at the weekend there would be one or maybe two bonus chapters if possible it is free :p

  4. quick question o.o if the sponsored queue get fill up again will we get another chapter tonight? sorry if this question been ask before 🙁 first time here

  5. Holy smokes from like $63 to $1716 in less than a day because of a post about if the queue is filled then we get an extra chapter for the day lol

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