ATG Chapter 465 ✿

Chapter 465 is brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by anon#R and Donald T. Thanks guys! Queue cleared.

I just had to delete two spoiler comments and I am not happy that one tried to disguise itself as a half spoiler. Half spoilers are still spoilers guys. Don’t let me see them in the comments. They annoy readers and finding/deleting them is a waste of my time.


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  1. I saw the post for the chapter and had to check my comment last time. I was afraid alyschu was referring to me (haunch tho) and can’t find it now (or was blind by hype)

    Well in case I was really that guy who gave spoiler, that comment was purely made up and based on deduction. I haven’t read in advance too so if anyone is inconvenienced by my speculations ~ please accept my sincerest apology *can’t behead myself to express it tho*

    ..but if I did hit the mark, damn I’m good *stares at far away place to look like wise man*

    Thanks for the chapter!

      1. I’ve been there bro, and even had to come to the disheartened conclusion that my deductions just might not be for the good of all to hear. It’s a delicate thing to balance between the lines of helping others see a certain line of reasoning that may be most likely and not coming across as someone who already knows the actual story and is just trying to be a smarty pants. I took two steps back in my efforts to enlighten fellow readers when a similar thing happened to me elsewhere. I don’t want to be some patronizing thing, or worse, a spoiler trying to hide it’s spoiling evils in efforts to seem the most badasstest. Yeeaah… I made up that word…but it works? No?

        It’s potentially even more of a difficult of a job to distinguish between a good guess and some spoiling turd though it seems to me. Thus, I haven’t taken offense to such things, as I’m sure you haven’t, and thus, I wouldn’t blame anyone who hammered the good guess.

        I’ve recently attempted to start turning my computing powarz towards comprehending the meaning and lessons behind the stories and sharing those with other, attempting to appreciate the highest potential of the story and share that rather than sharing the most sound conclusions from every tad bit of foreshadowing that can be made. Seems to have done better for me and others since, though I don’t always do so well. Sometimes you just can’t hold back the desire to beat others over the head with the obvious things when the don’t get them xD How patronizing! Such is the struggle. No matter how “great” or “smart” we become, the struggle is still realz.

        Woohaa! <3

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