ATG Chapter 439 ✿

Chapter 439 is brought to you by OverTheRanbow and alyschu.

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  1. been waiting for this.. Thanks again Alyschu.
    just on this one beginning of 7th paragraph “indeed excessive strong” should it be “indeed excessively strong”?

  2. Hi Ren, you and guys should please check and correct this.

    There has been an annoying ad pop-up on mobile ever since the start of this week.

    I use Opera and whenever I load up a chapter, the Ad places itself on the first paragraph, closing it won’t budge.

    Please help as it is making my mobile a little bit uncomfortable, and I read mostly on mobile, Android.

    1. Oh yeah I was getting annoyed with the mobile ads aswell. The ad banner on bottom can be close with some difficulty but the one that pops up on the screen can’t be closed sometimes because the size of the ad is wrong and the x button won’t be there.

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