ATG Chapter 393 ✿

Chapter 393 is brought to you by alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Sofoklis S yet again! The next few sponsored chapters are also from him (please tell me I’m right about your gender).

394 might also come out later tonight. I changed the teaser for 394 so those of you who are interested in the new one should take a look at its beautiful smooth lines!

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    1. Also I hope that what that taser is representing is what I am thinking about it is 😀

      And I hope that the chapter also come out before I go to sleep xD
      Anyway thanks in advance for the next one 😀

      1. Damn that taser picture was so misleading >.<
        What I had thought would happen did not 0.0

        Did they change if for the manhua or is there going to be a 3th time visiting the FAC before that happens 0.o
        Ah damn I want to find the manhua again for this but it is nowhere to be found now -_-

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