ATG Chapter 389 ✿

Chapter 389 is the first regular chapter of the week, brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu!

As always, thanks for all your support guys! Don’t get too angry at Yun Che, you don’t have to like him! Just remember that he is supposedly in a different world that has different ethics than ours! Don’t hurt yourselves over him.

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      1. Sexist? Not really… Crude, yes, but sexist is far from true…. Seriously, if you dare, provide me one definitive example of sexism.

        Sociopath? Again, not really…. He still feels, he still cares. He is just only a bit more decisive than most, a man of principle. As long as we stick to the standards of the world he resides in then it is quite literally impossible to accurately call him a sociopath.

        As for Maou, that is pretty accurate. While he isn’t a complete narcissist, like most of the antagonists are, he still has a good few traits of it lingering around.

        1. You mean saying women are resources isn’t sexism? Try reading the story sometime.

          He only feels or cares for the people close to him. He has zero empathy for everyone else. So yes, sociopath, and narcissism is part of his sociopathy.

          So yeah, I’m right and the person above me definitely doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          1. kuromitsu: so what have you done for human rights in middle east ? i mean you’re clearly not a sociopath who cares only about people close to him right ?

          2. Stupid strawman argument.

            How does me not being able to do anything about human rights in the middle east make me a sociopath? You mean the fact that I pity the women who barely got the right to vote or the overseas workers (some of which are my family) who are abused by their employers means I don’t have empathy? How does that figure?

            Heck, how does that even compare to Yun Che who isn’t in a similar position at all?

            As usual, it seems that these people who use “SJW” as an insult really have no brains.

          3. Women are resources.
            Men are resources.
            All other animals are resources.
            Everything is a resource.

            Have you never heard of this before? A man is primarily a labor resource and a war resource, a woman is primarily a domestic labor resource and a sexual resource. Unless people are thoroughly enslaved in very rough areas or mining encampments then this will almost be without exception.

            Also, you didn’t do two important things, like most SJWs. First you failed to source an actual example of him saying this. Second, you failed to give context. For all I know he could have said “It isn’t that surprising that bandits killed the men and kept the women” after coming across a wrecked merchant caravan with 80 dead men nearby and you just casually take it as “women are resources”.

        2. Well, now you know there’s loads of reasons why people can dislike this extremely perverted guy. Only time he’s likeable imo is when he’s by himself and not stuck with anyone else.

  1. He certainly is, according to our modern standards. Within his own contextual world, Yun Che is a powerful, unreserved man. A hedonist of sorts but within his world he’s quite likable and feared.

    1. Yun Che hasn’t done anything that I would label as a-hole-ish.

      You are free to not like him. You are also free to stop reading the story about him.

      I would encourage you to remember that he is a character in a fantasy story written by a person that grew up with different societal norms than you, and so is more removed from the standards you grew up with than you would find in fantasy novels written by people who have a more similar background to your own. Before being judgmental, try to put his actions in the context of his society rather than yours.

      1. It should be noted, that trying to take advantage of a woman is actually WORSE in their culture… so it’s even worse in their culture to do what he’s doing.

        And in the end, it is really just his lust of beautiful women…

      2. killing millions of people, destroying whole cities, is not a-hole-ish at all, no sir, noooot at all (can you feel the sarcasm?)

        I don’t care what culture you’re from, killing millions, including babies, the old, the innocent, the weak, and the defenseless is goddamn wrong no matter where you come from. So don’t give me that bull

        He can be a little ‘pushy’ with the girls, but honestly that shit is nothing to complain about how fookin bloodsoaked he is

  2. Thats the problem with alot of comments on these series, theyre using our world’s morals(That dont even apply to the entire world) to judge another world with vastly different morals.
    I was personally laughing watching Yun Che go from “ALL THE GIRLS!” to being a good dad that is extremely worried about what his kid is like.

    1. Actually, by their morals, doing what he did to scam the women to look at their naked bodies (even their back) is actually much much worse in their world.

      Heck, in their world, if a man ACCIDENTALLY sees a woman naked, it wouldn’t be considered too much if she killed him…. -_-

      And that is for accidents.

      Also, it has been noted that he was a bit sexist… and his view isn’t really just the social norm, but the fact that he wants to be with all of them.

      His perverseness IS a big part, and not just the culture. It’s also a form of humor by the author for us to laugh at.

      It isn’t that every view he has is right, but that Yun Che has the conviction to stand by them.

      That said…. he didn’t note how difficult/dangerous life is for women in their world… especially if they’re beautiful.

      Heck, even a princess had to fear being kidnapped and raped, and the only reason she wasn’t was cause the guy wanted the fun of the challenge.

      And Qingyue and Little Aunt were nearly raped, and if it wasn’t for Frozen Asgard, they wouldn’t have been fine (and in their culture, a woman being raped is even worse for them), but Yun Che didn’t even think of this.

      In fact, he doesn’t even try to look at their view and even he himself acknowledges that he is a selfish person. But that is his character, and there isn’t any perfect character in this.

      Yun Che is selfish and he acknowledges this, and this doesn’t mean he is a bad person. No one is perfect.

      In fact, this makes him more interesting than a boring 2d character (like Lin Feng who other than his rashness is nearly perfect).

      Heck, the closest people to being perfect (Ling Yun and his dad) had flaws in that they overly focused on one girl…. and if that girl did focus on them (including little Jie with the princess) then they probably would have been better.

      It’s just to show… no one is perfect.

  3. I have been following ATG for like 2 month + and I still don’t get the times when the chapters update 0.o
    This one come like 5h before the last one the day before and the one 2 days ago was like 3h latter then the one from yesterday.
    I just can’t seem to pinpoint the time when the chapters are usually updated anyone can tell me >_<

    And is there going to be a chapter like 6h from now and this was a odd one? (I sure would like it to be xD)

    Anyway thanks for the chapter and Yun Che is actually one of the better characters if you look away at the massacres all around the place and killing half a continent in his reincarnation he I like it when he teases the girls xD

  4. People that come and complain should just stop reading xianxia novels, these kinds of worlds are dark where murder, rape, sexism, violence and torture are everyday stuff, if u are a big sensitive ***** just go read Harry Potter or something.
    In this kind of world where strength reigns supreme what do you expect? The weak get destroyed by the strong, if u dont want to get killed, raped etc just cultivate until you are stronger, simple as that.

    1. No one’s complaining about any of that…aren’t you reading the comments? Everyone’s complaining that our favourite MC is a perv. No one’s giving a shit about that other stuff

    2. People that come and complain about the comments should stop reading comment section ! Comment section has good and bad idea’s and thoughts of people. If you are a big sensitive **** just go in fb and do all the lovely dovely post .
      This is the internet , If want to survive in this kind of world just grow strong and start learning how the internet works , simple as that.

  5. Yun Che is not wrong nor right… it is just the way he is… but wtf… I can’t kept on wondering how his 2nd life is… is it really just little Ling Er? Seriously… Hahaha… but he really makes me jealousenvy and at the same time I kindly pity those girl who admire him because most girl are like ling yun and ling jie moms.. but whatever, it was their destiny to fall in love with him… haha…

    1. You guys talk about the rape as if Yun Che was like ”Little fairy is so beautiful” then he goes and rapes her… not the whole thing that happened…

  6. Err if u guys don’t like the mc u guys can just stop reading. To solve the problem with their skills passing along is to lose their virgin yin before they start to cultivate ? So they won’t be a monastery like place ?

  7. I don’t dislike Yun Che. The one I can’t stand is that Ling Yuefeng guy. He saw a woman, just saw her, decades ago, got infatuated with her appearance and kept stalking her for years. He got married and had children later but he still remained selfish and basically was a failure as husband.

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