ATG Chapter 376 ✿

First, I’d like to apologize for dashing anyone’s hopes if they had hopes for the teaser. Second, I’d like to remind everyone (whose hopes will be dashed) in advance that OverTheRanbow was the one who came up with that teaser for this chapter. Yes, it was he.

Chapter 376 is brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Bhiboolnakrin C, tai v, SB C, and Noah L.

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  1. Damnit, teaser mislead me – I was hoping for more lurid, depraved, hot and steamy yin yang couplings.

    I mean, how else would we learn about the Yun Clan’s, ahem, big “love” handle weapon skill if not for rare-ish moments like these?

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