ATG Chapter 354 ✿

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12 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 354 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Yun Che is too crazy and cruel. Imo he’s going too far. The Burning Heaven Clan didn’t even torture or mistreat his family that badly. Show a bit of compassion dude.

    1. Compassion for who, everyone that would’ve slaughtered him before they started losing? Every single person wanted him dead or wanted to kill him. There was no going back and the clan already proved they would do whatever it takes to bait him. The only reason his family was kept alive too was to bait him. His grandpa wouldve rotted away in that dungeon had he not saved him and had Yun Che not arrived when he did his Aunt would’ve committed suicide or been raped eventually since Juechen was losing to his brother.

      Leaving anyone alive at that point is just dumb. There is no going back at the point they got to and if he did it would only be a matter of time did people wanted revenge. Clearly no one could hurt Yun Che so what if those Earth Profound level disciples went and killed his Grandpa or raped his Aunt knowing it was the only way to hurt him since no one stands a chance vs him anymore in the burning heaven clan.

      1. And that is the very reason why, yun che is a protagonist while we are normal mediocre people xD

        All these people saying all these things are judging yun che based on their shallow views of their own lives.I guess if they all lived in the same environment as these xianxias’ mc, they’d either die early, live poorly or turn into one of those cliché antagonists xD

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