ATG Chapter 327 ✿

Hey guys, the title of the chapter is the title of the volume, and I’ve changed this volume’s name. It could still mean the previous translation (Burning Heaven’s Fury) but we decided to use the one we changed it to in this chapter.

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  1. Oooooooh Burning Heaven Clan… You are soooo screwed. *evil giggling*
    I think this is the music that should be playing as Yun Che blasts his way into the clan. (up to 2:02, I’m not thinking of anything after that in the song)
    Just Imagine it… as he is walking his way into the Burning Clan, releasing a pressure beyond anything they can believe, forcing those too weak to faint and foam at the mouth, all because he is releasing his Dragon Domain. XD

  2. Originally it was entitled like “Burning Heaven’s Wrath”. But yeah it’s still the same though… however, i was kinda expecting it be something like divided into parts like “Burning Heaven’s Wrath – Part I”, “Burning Heaven’s Wrath – Part II”, and “Burning Heaven’s Wrath – Part III”… well i think this doesn’t count like a spoiler coz i don’t intend to as it is way better to read it in English than in Chinese. No offense please just a comment or else world war 3 in South China Sea will break, just kidding (grin)

  3. I’m glad that the volume’s name is changed, especially because the 2nd half of the volume doesn’t really have anything to do with the Burning Heaven sect. Anyway, it’s Yun Che that gets all furious (and uh… does some stuff to his enemies..) and not the Burning Heaven sect, right? So, the title ‘Burning Heaven’s Fury’ seemed a little off to me.

    And as always, thanks for the chapter! Totally a fan of ATG and the translating team here. 🙂

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