ATG Chapter 326 ✿

Chapter 326 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by Scrya and alyschu.

If anyone has noticed, we have randomly went down from our consistent 2 a day releases. This is because classes have resumed for most of the team, and two of our translators happen to be in the same encampment. SummerRain and Scrya are going out for some overseas training for an entire month! Wish them well!

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  1. thanks for the chapter! And as for fewer releases… as long as the series isn’t dropped I’m sure most people won’t really care (unless it’s a cliffhanger chapter, heh). I’m sure regardless of whether it’s 1 post or 2 posts a day, we’re going to be refreshing the page every few hours to see if there is a surprise release 😛

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