ATG Chapter 324 ✿

Chapter 324 is brought to you by OverTheRanbow and alyschu.

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter!!

    Hello Senior fellow readers, can someone recommend a Light Novel similar to this great art called “AGAINTS THE GODS”? Thank in advance.

    1. Wuxiaworl started with coiling dragon, and it is completed (no need to wait for update). Check it.

      Secondly many readers say ISSTH is comparable with ATG, if not better.

      Lastly, check Dolou dalu at bluesilvertranslation

  2. Normally i dont put comment on this section, but at the chapter section.

    When the chapter goes less, i thought that Alyschu got sick again. Never i expected that it would be somewhat permanent.

    It is sad news for me, but i wish it won’t disturb your school as well.
    I just hope that your team will work it out somehow and back to double releases per day.

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