ATG Chapter 312 ✿

This was scheduled to come out last night, but it looks like we didn’t make it (that and I fell asleep). Chapter 312 is brought to you by Gloo, OverTheRanbow, and not much of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Jonathon W, Zeth K, Martine D, Gabriel L, and Sukhang R. Enjoy~~

edit: There were 2 chapters scheduled for today, but due to this mishap, think of it as you getting 3 now!

15 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 312 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wh…AT!!!??? 2 more chapters!! the feels of 3 is too strong, you have destroyed the balance!! the universe is caving in on itself, we are all going to die!!

    Thank you everyone involved for the release of the chapters!!

    Wouldn’t this mean…. wouldn’t this mean…. yay!! we get to see dragon today!!
    wonder what kind of powerup he will get? maybe break into new realm? or probably peak of earth?

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