ATG Chapter 301 ✿

With the blessings of our dear beloved author, we shall try our best to continue the 2 a day release schedule this week. Here comes the first chapter of Volume 4: Burning Heaven’s Fury, Chapter 301, brought to you by Xian (new guy), some of OverTheRanbow, and some of alyschu!

This is the second regular chapter of the week folks! Enjoy!!

23 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 301 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I have claimed the first comment in the first chapter of volume 4. totally unintentional, but happened nevertheless. Muhahahahahha *cough*cough*.

    Many thanks to the author, translators, and sponsors for getting us these chapters. Looking forward to the 2 chapters a day and volume 4. Reading Stellar transformations to tide me over between chapters (won’t last long almost done with book 4, started yesterday >.>; )

  2. I swear on God that I love that novel!
    I was really sceptical at first.. But now.. Now I look the release every 2-3 hour to see if there’s a new chapter.. And every time I feel like my heart it’s ready to collapse for how fast it beat ahaha
    Sorry for my bad English :((
    Love ATG from Italy!

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