ATG Chapter 300 ✿ And a Special Message From The Author

Hello everyone, it’s OverTheRanbow here! Alyschu is currently waving pom poms in her sleep as I write this post, because she couldn’t wait for me to finish this speech and didn’t want to rush me.

With the completion of Vol 3, we have landed on MARS! The excitement in me is unimaginable.
It has been a long time since I’ve first tried to contact our dear author Mars Gravity per alyschu’s panicked request and on my own accord. (All of alyschu’s “I tried contacting” is actually me, OverTheRanbow trying the contacting) It was around only 48 chapters in at that time, I believe.

What I did back then was contacting Mars Gravity through private messages on the publisher site (ZongHeng), and I had never gotten a response. I figured that Mars who has a job and a family but nevertheless stays up till 4 am in the morning to write chapters for us, wouldn’t have the time to check floods of PMs from millions of readers and fans. And so, I ceased after some number of tries, and alyschu stopped panicking too.

However, recently, I noticed that some Chinese readers on Baidu Tieba (Biggest Chinese forums, Baidu also owns ZongHeng) had found out there are English translations of ATG and many other CN novels. I knew that ZongHeng was also under the flag of Tieba, and so it crossed my mind to make a Thread about contacting Mars there and see if that’d net me any help.

And the amazing Ni Tian Xie Shen forum admins, surely did! I was introduced by them to Mars Gravity and landed a rove- I mean got in contact with my beloved author. So I first apologized for translating without asking his permission first, but he was totally cool with it and just said it was very surprising! When I asked for permission, he said there’s no problem at all is very happy for his work to be read by more people.

And here comes the most important part of this gibberish I’m writing. After a nice and long chat with him, I asked him for a message to pass onto the the readers overseas:


“得知自己的文被翻译成英文, 有了海外读者,惊喜万分,感谢海外读者们的喜爱和支持,火星会更加努力!” – 火星引力

“Knowing that my work had been translated into English, and acquired readers overseas, I am extremely surprised and overjoyed. I thank the oversea readers for their adoration and support, Mars will work even harder!” – Mars Gravity

He’s such a awesome person. It’s a motivation boost to both of us! If any of y’all wants so say something to our dear author, I may pick a few comments, translate it into Chinese and pass it on to him!

Anyway, chapter 300 is brought to you by OverTheRanbow, alyschu and gloo.

Deepest gratitude to our sponsors Chance B, Musa Khokhar, Nattarat R, James H, and Caleb G for this chapter.

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  1. Hello Mars Gravity,
    Since a few months ago when I first started discovering this Xianxia genre of light novel, I have read a few stories. Though it conforms to a stereotype of this genre, your story is always very much anxiously awaited for release by me every day. Not only do I read the translated version I even read the Raws machine translated. The more I read it the more I want. I cannot understand why you would want to put so much effort into this, but I understand you have a talent in story telling. So keep it up, because many people have things they want to express on paper but only few can accomplish it and be successfully appreciated.

    1. ” you have a talent in story telling”Hah! I dropped 20 chapters ago because Margravity can’t write even if his life depends on it.
      There’s a lot of horse sh!t going around in ATG and you know very well that this ‘talent in story telling’ is you trying to say ‘viva la harem’ because his story(which is safe the p*ssy taste the p*ssy) repeatedly does the same thing in EVERY arc.

      1. i totally agree wit the fact that its going “viva la harem” but you gotta give the man credit for making me read even though i know whats going to happen .
        Save the pussy taste the pussy those my friend are words that transcend many levels of knowledge. Our puny understanding is but the tip of the ice berg btw almost any action related story with romance has it shit even mirai nikki had it.

      2. 我是中国的网友,我不怎么擅长英语,但是想和大家交流,谢谢大家。
        I am Chinese I am not good at English especilly in grammar and expression I have a difficult in understanding the context when you chat about ,but I hope I can chat with you guys

      3. if you are trying to said (long live the harem) with your “viva la harem” in spanish sorry but the correct is: “Viva el harén”, at least harén is written harem in spanish too so many times that all people is going to understand it too…

  2. Hello Mars Gravity,

    I am an Arabic person from U.A.E.
    I really like reading your ATG Novel!
    Thank you!!!

    Though do you HAVE to expel (Chu Yuechan) from Frozen Asgard? ^.^!

    1. I thought that iam the only on form arabic cuntry that read this novl
      iam from Egjpt where are u from
      i wish i will find some one that i can talk with him about the novl
      and it look like my wish com tru

  3. Hi Mars,
    Every morning I read your work before going to university. I read both of your work Shura’s wrath and Nitianxieshen. Both English and Chinese version (I can’t wait for the translation). Btw your previous work Shura’s wrath is also being translated by other translator.

    Last few weeks or around a month ago, your update schedule is quite erratic, two or one day update and few days no update. Honestly, I am both quite disappointed and worried. Disappointed that I cannot read your work before studying and worried that the same things that happened to Shura’s wrath will also happen to Nitianxieshen. In my opinion Shura’s wrath is a good novel it is just the ending feels a bit rushed. People in forum (English one not Badui) said that you are stressed from the comments and not motivated in writing that you decided to end it early.

    It is a pity if the same things happen to great series like Nitianxieshen. The personality of Yun Che: a mix of filial child, mastermind, tyrant and pervert which is fun too read, the battle is not repetitive and boring, the universe is so big that I can not imagine what will happen in the future and Yun Che also has so many homework and problem to solve like the mission from Evil God, the promise with Dragon god and the crisis in blue wind empire.

    Do not be stressed, it is fine to take a break once in a while if you are tired,
    Do not mind the bad comments, they are just in love with your series,
    And Thank you for writing this series.

    I am sorry if there is a mistake or inappropriate words.

  4. Hello Mars Gravity,

    I’m so glad there is an English version translation of your ATG Novel, because if its aren’t translated and are share on the web I wouldn’t get to read your ATG Novel at all because I can’t read Chinese. I totally enjoy and love your AGT Novel, It is one of my favorite novel. Thanks a lot for the awesome story. Oh and Happy Early New Year xD

  5. Hello Mars Gravity,

    I must first say thanks to you for creating such a masterpiece. I have dabbled in writing my self and reading your work has inspired me to push my limits. I have read quite a few Chinese novels, but without a doubt, ATG is my favourite. Keep up the good work. ??

  6. I thank u Mars, Alyschu, everybody who helps translating and all donators of either raws/translated versions. for all of the xanxia novels ive been reading (around 13 or more) ATG is the best. it has the romance that the others doenst have, it has the action thrill that is different than other xanxia novels, it has the drama and the plot is awesome. (im not saying the other xanxia novels arent fascinating or awesome, its just that this novel hit me) again thanks!!!!

  7. Hi Mars Gravity,
    Before I begin I’d like to deeply express my gratitude to you for ATG. I was introduced to this series a couple of months ago and ever since then have grown to love the series you’ve masterfully created. In all honesty my initial thoughts and emotions when reading the first few chapters of this series was filled with skepticism but amongst it was also a tinge of excitement. I, myself, have not had a lot of exposure on light novels however a common trend I always seem to notice is that they always involve reincarnation or other similar forms and it is due to this that I felt doubtful about whether the series would be good or not. However as I marched on and read on that sense of doubt quickly disappeared and was instead replaced with feelings of awe and amazement at the series as a whole. I’ve never felt so invested on a story as I have with ATG; the characters, the places, the lore; everything about it. This indescribable feeling is all thanks to the way you’ve eloquently written and described every scene allowing me to easily delve into the world and its lore, furthermore the way you’ve masterfully crafted each chapter interweaving in emotions, feelings and thoughts that underpasses every character allowed me as a reader to empathize with each individual (protagonist or not). Nevertheless I can’t write more without mentioning the great translators at WW OverTheRanbow and Alyschu (and others, sorry if I don’t know all their names 🙁 ) for diligently translating this series which has granted many readers all over the world the ability to view your work, nonetheless as a reader the way they translate your work has shown many of us (the readers) how much they love the series always granting high quality chapters expressing many of the key themes you express. Finally, ATG itself has grown on me and everyday I wait anxiously for the release of new translated chapters where occasionally in the past it has granted me ever so needed happiness in my darkest times and for that I sincerely thank you. I’m sure many of us international readers each have our own stories revolving around ATG and I hope one day we may all express our ever so deep gratitude to you. However til that time I wish you and your family all the best in the upcoming year and I hope that you can continue on making people fall in love with this series
    A grateful fan

  8. I admire Mars Gravity’s ability to write tons and tons of filler while actually advancing the plot. Though what I really admire is the fact that Yun Che was given a harem without any shame. Women, fame, power = Pirate King.

  9. Putting that thread through google translate was…. a bit weird. And what’s with that picture>.<
    Anyway, I wish to thank Mars for allowing us to continue to read his exquisite works, and really admire the way ATG is written. Additionally, don't overwork yourself, Mars, it's no use destroying your health just so that others can read another chapter a but earlier. Remember, the anticipation is part of the pleasure!

    BTW, in what way is this the end of Vol.3. An epilogue should have closure, not a cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁


    Hello Marsgravity!
    ATG is one of my most loved Novels. I started reading it when I had a reall yhard time in m life and it gave me hope. That there is always light at the end. I cryed and laughted over ATG and I am so greatfull towards the heavens that this story exists.
    I bow before you and thank you a lot.

  11. Hello Mars Gravity
    I’m from south america, Chile, and i have nothing to say, your novel is amazing,you’re an amazing author, i had to learn english to can read it and pff, after that i was reading every day your novel and being surprised every day, the history was amazing and is amazing, i wait for you to have a good new year and that you can bring us a few’s of amazing chapters soon, thanks for all, keep writing, you’re amazing men.

  12. hello Marsgravity,

    First i was a big manga fan and read them continuously. But somewhere along the way i felt that most of the stories were rushed or had something missing. It was only after a while that i discovered that many of those manga’s were based on novels. So that’s when i started reading the light novels instead. The stories are more vivid and not as censored (which i love).
    A while back i came upon this site and started reading ATG. I was immediately hooked and it quickly rose to be my number one read. It has come to a point where everyday i check the site to see for updates (and luckily for me the updates are daily 🙂 ).
    With this I would like to say thanks for creating such a interesting story and please keep up the good work. Right now i’m stressing to see how Yun Che is going to save/stop Cang Yue’s marriage so we are still a bit behind with your writing but i hope we’ll catch up soon.

    Greetings from Belgium

  13. I am big fan of mars gravity as well, against the god is my favourite novel with witty writing and one-liners which are so fun to read. Interactions between character is amazing with great humor. I also love all the emotional exploits and touching moments it has those were very tear-jerker for me. Romance is done very well and harem is well developed with no one-sided one-dimensional heroines they are properly fleshed out, intelligent and loveable. Action scenes are badass with proper build up and incredible reactions. main character has superb personality very unique and likeable, his smooth-talking is magnificent it makes me grins a lot. I like how he tricks people in so cunning way in revenge and his selflessness for people he cares about that is only some of many good points.

    I also like when he work as genius doctor it’s very thrilling, World development is mysterious and interesting with 7 heavenly treasure, domain of gods, other characters current situations their backgrounds as stroy progress it always keeps me exited for next chapter and It has many remarkable moments with a lot of future potential. I also read shura’s wrath which is also splendid novel.

    Thank you so much for bringing such awesome novel for ous. I am truly grateful for your hard work to both author mars gravity and translation team alyschu&Co.

  14. I have no English skill enough to explain, I need to thank for translate and author , I never thought there were an existence like word ” Wuxia ” ,so, 22 years old I never taste this kind of fancy novels before so amazing
    thank you love you much much
    The harder you train The better you will become . which I had gave from this So when I have a baby so
    I will give him you read hahaha !

  15. Many Many thanks for Writing ATG,
    its a really awesome Story and the protogonist is really the best (even when his character to even get into positions where he nearly dies because of other people that hes saves is a bit worrysome)
    but in the end from all Novels that are translated and i do read (there are quite a few)
    is ATG the best with MGA.

  16. Hello , i admire you, i´m not a native speaker of english , and i only can understand some words but when i started to read this novel wow , you don´t know how i tried to learn english ,and about your story i think that is amazing how you did that all take place and do that the story became more interesting with the time , i only have a doubt that i can´t understand , why yun che , didn´t try to put his grandfather in the sky pearl ?

    1. He can’t put anyone that is alive in pearl that’s why otherwise he can just put any enemy he faces into pearl like a jail. Jasmine is ony alive due to her cultivation and she also mentioned she needs resources to reconstruct her body so she is in like spirit form.

  17. Hello Mars gravity

    I was introduced to this series a couple of months ago and since then I have learned to love the series
    Here I am just a reader more of your great work, I hope you continue your work
    desarrolo I love history, and I do not read many novels of Chinese origin but all that I have read, ofcourse that ATG is the best.
    Also revealing that there are also Spanish-speaking readers who read your great work, my second language is English, speaking for myself and Spanish-speaking fans who are many too.
    Needless to say I wish the best for you and your family, I bid goodbye thanks.

  18. I’ve always wondered what the CN authors thought the moment they figured out they had a whole crowd of overseas/foreign readers who love their work.
    Only thing I can imagine is that they’re quite surprised if they never even suspected it, but that must be a lovely surprise for them.

    Only thing I have to say to our dear author is:
    Thank you for the permission, now we know that we will get to enjoy the story without fearing a Cease and Desist motion, which is great as I’ve come to look forward to the next chapter. Which is a feeling that keeps increasing for me with every chapter I read. So all in all, thank you for writing this story, I really enjoy reading it, and I wish you the best for the future.

  19. Hello Mars Gravity from Iceland. You should be proud with your work and thank you for the countless of hours of writing and bringing me such enjoyment by reading your work. Me and my friends in Iceland have been enjoying it to the fullest. Hope to see little fairy soon 😉

  20. Hello Mars Gravity and greetings from Sweden! Thank you for the lovely story of ATG and keep up the good work. Be assured that Im pestering friends and family to start reading your work!

  21. Hello mars and thank you for writing this story, it’s a great story and i really enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing and allowing the translators to translate and bring this great story for us to read. In general i have fallen in love with Chinese novels, and it is a daily ”necessary need” for me to read a few chapters of Chinese litterature, i really don’t know what i’d to without them.
    And well, it kind of inspires a person, and i felt like, perhaps i should try writing my own story, even though i might never amount to anything, just for the fun of it.
    So here’s my issue, i wanna start, but i don’t know how to start, sooner or later i will write something anyway, it’ll probably stay in my computer in a unknown place where no one will read it, but that doesn’t matter.
    But i still wanted to ask you, when you started writing a story, for example ATG, how did you start? did you start with writing the beginning? or did you first plan out how you wanted the story to end and then begun writing backwards? it interests me quite a lot and it would be interesting to hear how one of my favorite authors did 😀
    all from me ~ random reader from Denmark

  22. Hi,
    my name is norah
    I’m a girl (in case it wasn’t obvious from my name )
    I’m from Saudi Arabia ( you didn’t see that one coming)

    I’ve been trying to write this for about a week I’m a little nervous ^_^

    I love ATG so much, I discovered light novels few months back,
    one of the novels here has a manga and I was impatient to know what will happen to it so I found this awesome website, and since then ATG became my favorite 🙂
    If I had one complaint it would be the harem thing (hmm, I wonder why ) I got over it though.
    But really my Yun Che is absolutely charming who can resist him 😉
    i can’t get enough of him, I check the site few times a day (ok more than “a few” times).

    And now this for the translators
    Why do you hate me!
    last week was my finals!!
    and you decided it was the perfect time to do a double release ?, and of course I read them all ?
    But honestly I really appreciate what you do, this website introduced us non chinese speakers to something very special and wonderful, we would never have the chance to experience unless we knew the language, and also for me personally you guys gave me the desire to learn Chinese (its easy, right?)

    Thank you so much ??

  23. is the donation on this page directed towards the translator only? is there away to support the author as well to keep up working on this series aside from you guys that is obviously doing great job in the translation as well?

  24. that’s great!
    Eventually we’re gonna get our Ren, Wuxiaworld and Company web publishing brand! Making enough money to properly license and pay royalties, and having translators on stable pay rolls.

  25. I really like the elemental beads that gives extra boost of power to yun che. So I wonder if/when he will get all of these?..And can you please stop making the mc make those promises to the heroines that he can’t keep. And I’m sure you didn’t wish for it but somehow some of the readers get the NTR feeling while reading this story so please do something about it…Nonetheless, this novel is one of my first CN novels that i started with and i’m glad to say that it is still in my top ten “Best Novel List”

    P.S. I didn’t this was a post of 2015…so I kept on rambling ..but….

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