ATG Chapter 281 ✿

Serious things first. I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from readers in regards to comments under the chapters that spoil the story. I’d like to say that they are far too nice in that most of them have the “OMG I READ IT, oh well…” attitude. I realize I have not been exactly clear about how I feel towards spoilers that don’t belong in their respective spoiler forums and threads. I hate spoilers, especially if I see them in a place where they obviously do not belong in. While some of you like them, that is not true for the other readers. As such, I would like to make it clear that I have a zero-tolerance policy towards any spoilers that are written about under the chapters. If I see them, I will now begin to immediately delete the comment. If I miss any, do not be afraid to email me to ask me to remove them. I will happily smite them all. Predictions, theories, and fan fictions are fine, but spoiling future events of a story to another reader who enjoys reading the comments after reading the chapter is a no-go. There are proper places to do that in, and I wish that you all would use those alternatives instead.

Well, now that my rant has ended, here’s the chapter~

Chapter 281 is brought to you by SummerRain and some of alyschu. This chapter was sponsored by brad d. Thanks brad!

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  1. the heavens listen! there are a few accounts who have been spoiling multiple novels here on wuxiaworld. someone with dragon in their name i think… he spoiled the fact that the 1st frozen waifu was at the earth realm before the tournament arc began. that is why i avoid reading comments on here, especially on novels i actually enjoy and care about. some of them are really smug about it and hide under the guise of “prediction” or “theory”, people like that usually get off that feeling of superiority.

  2. not really sure why but all im getting is the picture of the stunned faced girl with the hat even though chapter 281 has been out for over 2 hours >.> this happening to anyone else or just me lol XD

  3. wait so the baby will be Yun Che? what will happen to the Yun Che X Cang Yu and Yun Che X QingYue ships that we all been hoping to develop? or will, Yun Che quickly grow up like Ne Zha does?

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