ATG Chapter 258 ✿

I wasn’t clear about this but I’d like to clarify that it was decided long ago for 257 to be a regular chapter for this week, so I wasn’t being sneaky or anything! >.<

Anyhoo, here’s Chapter 258 brought to you by Kitty and some of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Kieran B, Nhat B, and Fabian M~!! Enjoy~

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  1. let me tell you how much i refresh the teaser page for the chap259 just to see the teaser pic…
    just about 260 times cos chapter 260 is need to arrive ASAP or this cliff will be 260 times phenomenal than other cliffs

  2. I hope to see ATG with more chapters a week or i dont know…hope there are more Translators for this cos is awesome but is a little slow, dont take it bad, u guys are doing a really great job!!, really if i could i would read it with the raws but i dont know chinise ..

  3. i think yun che gets the water seed, refines the lotus and kills the tyrant from inside. then obtaining the tyrants profound crystal makes an elixer for qinyue. the tyrant IS ice based afterall. much better than the 3 sky profound cores she used before

    1. i got the same thought with ya, but i have to say if tyrant profound core is not the same as 3 sky profound cores, did ya miss if the tyrant beast is never ever shown in blue wind empire?
      so even emperor profound beast is already hard to obtain and its lower than Tyran profound so its very much better and miracle if yun che can obtain it ^^

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