ATG Chapter 254 ✿

A quick chapter release before I run away to join the Black Friday sales.. that don’t even start on Friday! -_-!!!

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  1. Hi, could anyone explain more or less what is this novel about, the description sounds like Soul Land, would love of some one could tell me more or less what it is about, thanks

    1. Its about a genius doctor who was about to die, people are after him because he has something that everyone wants, then before he died, he swallowed it before jumping off a cliff. (Also, he is infamous for his ablities and because he has killed millions of people). Afterwards, he wakes up suddenly realizing he has been reborn in someone else’s body as a young boy who happens to be crippled. Meaning, someone who is unable to harness profound energy or power which is kind of a big deal in that world. He still has his memories and skills by the way so you can imagine what happens next moving forward. Thats pretty much it, kudos for my effort!! Kidding, lol. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the chapter..Im starting to get annoyed with the MC..dunno, just the way he acted towards his waifu on this chapter kind of bugs me, specially with how he reacted to jasmine too..after what she did for him..pfft..its just happy thanks giving!x)

  3. I’ve never participated in the black friday mess. Being trampled to death at the door or stabbed in the kidneys because I grabbed the last chromecast doesn’t sound like fun.

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