ATG Chapter 245

Chapter 245 is brought to you by Eien, FlowerBridgeToo, OverTheRanbow and a pinkey of alyschu.

So uh, alyschu died during this chapter, and I, OverTheRanbow has taken over! Mwhahahahah! God I’m so tired. It’s my first time posting so I hope I didn’t mess up anywhere.

And yes, that’s right, you see FBT on there. alyschu was able to temporarily enlist his help for this chapter before she died. He’s the main reason why this chapter could come out right now instead of tomorrow! I love you fufu!

This chapter was sponsored by Devon B, Nisan G, Frank W, eric c, Daniel p, Christian C, and Alex W!

19 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 245” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I was waiting all day for this chapter and there you were DYING???

    Who gave you the right to die while I’m waiting for my ATG fix!!!


    Okay everybody, whose willing to travel in the outdated car…. we gotta journey around the world to find the Dragon Balls………

  2. Alyschu os a girl?! o.O this is teh internetz its a lies!!!!
    Next thing ull tell me ren is human?

    Requiscat in Pace alyschu… for now… the rest are looking for shen long to make u a zombiechu heheheh. Tnx for ur hardwork guys and author

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